SUP All Rounder boards are great for having a go at a bit of everything.

All rounder paddle boards are easy to use and will have you enjoying a family paddle, little cruise, bit of sup surfing or even some splash and dash with the kids.

SUP All rounder

SUP All Rounder boards really are made to do a bit of everything, but it’s important to know if it is going to be right for you.

When we test the SUP All Rounder boards from Jobe, Jimmy Lewis, Aqua Marina, O’Shea and Infinity, we make sure that the boards meet certain criteria.

  • It has to be stable, but agile on the water
  • Capable of carrying the paddler and possibly a passenger
  • A decent deck pad that is grippy
  • Tie downs for carrying a bag
  • Possible to be surfed on smaller days for absolute beginners
  • Good enough to do a few hours paddle trip

If you look through our range of SUP All Rounder boards, you’ll see that some of them look a bit more sporty whilst others look more round nosed.

When comparing, you’ll find they all do much the same, but a bit longer e.g 11ft with pointy nose, will be that bit quicker, track straighter, but may not be so easy to surf so it really is a mix of what you need, where you paddle and how often.