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sup surfing lessons at the witterings & Bracklesham bay

Bracklesham and the Witterings get some awesome conditions when it’s on, but we also boast some very cool training conditions for SUP Surfing lessons.

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Intro the to waves

For those of you looking to try sup surfing for the first time, this is the perfect lesson and location and only 1.5 hours from London.

Let’s be totally honest that the first few waves are always the best and our introduction to sup surfing is designed to get beginners moving around waves, recognising the risks and taking steps to catching a few baby waves and starting to turn.

It’s totally addictive and you’re going to go away begging for more.  But there’s a long way to go, so get ready to put the practice in.

We run these lessons all year round and pick the best days to run them, so you get the most from your session.

Advanced sup surfing

After you’ve spent time practicing, we can help you move on and push yourself with more dynamic movements and conditions.

For some of our clients, they join us for a few sessions over a weekend, so they can come build the mojo and keep the flow going.

We sometimes do weekend trips to Devon or make the short trip to Hayling Island and coach from there, but mostly we run our session from Bracklesham, West Sussex.

Our advanced sup surfing lessons focus on the rider being more dynamic and bringing in fast turns, using your paddle effectively, using the rail and moving around on the board. You’ll also start reading the waves more and making better choices.

The lessons run throughout the year, based on conditions and will mostly be on weekend due to peoples calendars.

SUP Surfing lessons for all levels

As you paddle out and catch your first wave, the bugs gonna get ya. Whether you’re looking to develop a new skill or simply enjoy surfing small local waves, Bracklesham Bay offers up some great conditions for learning. Join us and discover what’s cool about SUP surfing just an hour from London.

Where do our sup surfing Lessons Run?

Using Bracklesham Bay beach, we have the perfect place to train with a restaurant, cafes, grass area, toilets and a huge beach.

Most people coming to us to try sup surfing, have had time on their isups before hand, so they’re already capable at basic paddling.

We’re not expecting amazing skills and the conditions in Bracklesham are very easy, so you’ll be ok on your isup to start with. Sometimes Hayling Island has a better wave so we may move there to enjoy a cleaner session.

Being so close to London, Surrey, Kent and other major areas, most of you will be coming down for a day or two, so we can put you in touch with local B&Bs that will put you in the right place.

SUP Surfing reviews

LlazyLlama • Sept 2023
Amy and Ian were fantastic! We were a group of family and friends of all ages (10+) who thoroughly enjoyed the paddle boarding experience. Some of the group were beginners,  – READ MORE OR ADD A TRIP ADVISOR REVIEW

Great friends and family paddle boarding experience in Chichester Canal!

Neerav Shah • 6 months ago

Amy and Ian were super and fun instructors making it even more enjoyable. Within a few mins even the beginners were pros and were off for a couple of hours of gliding on the Canal. Highly – READ MORE OR ADD A GOOGLE REVIEW


SUP Surfing Lessons at Surfs SUP

Service Overview:

Experience SUP surfing with Surfs SUP in Bracklesham Bay and East Wittering. Perfect for beginners and advanced surfers, our lessons focus on mastering waves and improving technique, guided by expert instructors.

What to Expect:

  • Beginner and advanced SUP surfing lessons
  • Beautiful locations with excellent surfing conditions
  • Year-round sessions tailored to optimal days

For more details and to book, visit Surfs SUP SUP Surfing Lessons.