SUP Race boards deliver performance, speed and bags of smiles

We use SUP race boards for so much more than just racing, but if racing is your thing, then we have all water and flatwater boards for you.

SUP Race boards

SUP racing requires a specialist board, and you need to decide where you’ll race, along with how advanced your skills are, to work out board size.

  1. Will you race on flat water e.g lakes or do you think you’d be on the sea, even occasionally.
  2. Have you got experience of narrower boards? If not, then it’s worth trying some first to get an understanding of how widths vary, in differing conditions.
  3. Carbon is lighter and in some cases is more responsive feeling underfoot, so consider this against fibre glass.
  4. Shapes make a big difference, and dimensions aren’t the only thing to improve stability, especially in narrower boards.
  5. All water boards are better if you’re mixing up training and racing on lakes and the sea.
  6. Flat water boards, tend to be more tippy as you go narrower.