SUP Physio Bracklesham

SUP physio, Angela Midleton is a specialist Sports and Remedial Therapist, with a strong understanding of paddleboarding dynamics.

Who is Angela?

For over 22 years I have worked with professional athletes, elite sports people and keen amateurs, primarily in boxing and martial arts, dynamic sports and, more recently, the SUP world.

As a committed surfer and paddler myself, I am acutely aware of the physical impacts, stresses and strains such disciplines involve. As a result I’ve developed extensive programmes containing targeted exercises and focused therapies to support my clients; each designed to build and maintain a fit and well conditioned SUP body through SUP Physio.

SUP Physio helps to maximise performance, stave off problems and increase your time on the water

How can I help?

SUP, both its popularity and performance level, has enjoyed a huge progression in recent years; not only as an active lifestyle choice but also at amateur and professional levels of competition.

SUP, kiteboarding, windsurfing, foiling, waterskiing and even swimming are physically challenging activities that place significant demands on the body regardless of your age, competency and fitness level.

In order to fully enjoy, perform well and progress in your chosen activity it’s important to invest the required time and effort to work all areas of fitness, strength training, mobility and balance effectively, supporting this with targeted sports and physical therapy treatments and programmes. Such treatments are key to maintaining a healthy body, maximising your performance and preventing injury. This is where I can help.

Understanding the nature and significance of such demands on your body is essential. I will develop this understanding with you, profiling your fitness levels, physiology, structure and build. My own sporting background brings an expertise in assessing performance factors, their application, recognising ability levels and working towards and achieving personal goals.

More practically, stresses and strains, muscle weaknesses, imbalances, overactivation and malfunction are all common conditions. Working with an experienced, professional therapist will enable you to better understand, overcome and combat these, preparing you to achieve your goals, no matter how small or ambitious.

Whether you’re participating for fun, competing, or a blend of both, the most important thing I can do is maximise your time out there on the water with SUP Physio.

How do I work?

Through a combination of preliminary consultation, ongoing treatments and the use of targeted programmes I work with you to overcome existing injuries, improve function and form and manage your physical fitness and wellbeing using deep tissue sports massage and muscle energy techniques in the sup physio programme.

I work on a freelance basis visiting you at home or your place of work by appointment. 

How do the seasons affect physically

Many of you paddle all summer enjoying the sun and warmer weather, but forget to consider the seasonal demands of exercising in such conditions. Firstly, and most obviously, sun cream, hat and suitable clothing are a must. Thereafter, the right food, fuel and hydration will play a significant part in energy levels and performance.

Exercising in warmer weather places additional demands on you physically, increasing your body temperature, directing blood flow to your skin as a cooling mechanism resulting in less flowing to the heart making it work harder than usual.

Then, when the colder months hit, you change your routines, eating habits and physical movements that can leave those muscles depleted and underprepared.

Cold weather activities place additional demands on the body. Its energy requirements increase, depleting glycogen levels quicker. Muscles work harder in cold weather causing increased damage to tissue resulting in soreness. The body is placed under greater stress which, in turn, increases the risk of injury.

Warming up effectively, raising core temperature and maintaining adequate blood flow are key in these conditions. Ensuring pre and post exercise nutrient intake is essential in optimising muscle function and, ultimately, performance. This prevents a premature slowing down of your bodily processes which inhibits muscle contraction.

Additionally, consider the demands on your extremities as the body directs blood flow to your core to regulate body temperature. As a result, gloves and booties are essential to maximise time in the water.

Consideration of these aspects, along with the conditions you face, should form the basis of your cold weather training preparation along with a good sup physio programme to help maintain optimum performance.


Where am I based?

I’m based down in the Witterings, West Sussex. This means I service clients around the Bracklesham, Witterings, Emsworth, Bosham, Chichester, Selsey area.

During the Summer months, Bracklesham is a busy tourist spot and the sea is generally calm, unless we get a windy period which makes the water more choppy, with occasional waves.


During these months, Bracklesham is a much quieter ad you’ll get some amazing conditions, whilst the air and water temp is still comfortable.



We run regular beginner to improver wing sup surfing lessons.

With over 35 years experience, we are fully insured and certified with: