How long have you been paddleboarding and how did you get into SUP?

Only about 4 years really. Always been a surfer/Windsurfer/Watersports person but got my first SUP off my brother for light wind wave sailing/windsuping. 12′ starboard whopper with hidden daggerboard but still great fun to paddle and I actually surfed it as well! Hooked on the sport from then!

What is your favoured discipline and why?

I just love being out on the water, but sup surfing does it for me really. Getting out with my son and mates on a clean day and blue sky is just a blast.

What kit do you currently ride?

I ride the Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder, Jimmy Lewis Stiletto and Stun Gun for sup surfing.  I’ve also got a 12’6 UBoat and have had the M14 downwind board but needed space in the garage so had to cut down.

We’ve also got the Jimmy Lewis Supertech for my son, Todd who is really starting to get into his sup surfing.

Do you have any goals for 2016?

Do the three rounds of the SUP surf championships, enjoy my paddling, do some races, long paddles, club champs in September then find some warm waves at Christmas.

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