What is wing foiling

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So what is Wing Foiling

Wing foiling is the very latest water sport that seen many windsurfers, paddleboarders and kiteboarders, finding a new source of entertainment.

Foils have been around for a long time in boating and surfing, but when they added a wing the game changed for us.

The foil is bolted to the bottom of a short board that increases manoeuvrability, whilst the wing sailor hoods a lightweight wing that acts much like a kite and the winger then pumps the board, and it rises onto the foil.

The major advantage of wing foiling is that you have huge versatility.  Light wind to strong, flat or waves, a great directional range up and downwind.

How does it work

The wing provides the power, which is accentuated by the foil itself and add to that the power of the swells, and you have a really dynamic and fun craft.

Imagine lifting onto a foil and everything going deadly quiet as you glide effortlessly over the water.

The boards are wide but very short and thick which gives just enough volume to wobble out before you rise onto the foil.   Once you’re up the board is just a standing platform and the foil takes over, which is why there are so many types.

How to start wing foiling

Wing foiling needs to happen in around 15to 20 knots and for learning you really need flat water.

You would also benefit from deeper water as the foil, when lowered, easily hits the bottom of shallow water and can damage the kit.

A sideshore wind means that you will only drift along the beach and not out to sea, so definitely don’t go out in offshore conditions.

If you sail in an area where you get a lot of weed or any driftwood, it will mean you are at risk of damaging your kit. 

Try finding an area that is more like a bay so if you do encounter problems you’ll land on another side.

Kit preparation

Prepare your Wing Foil equipment for a good start in Wing!

Wing Foiling requires different equipments, to get in the water with your gear in the easiest way without damaging it, we advise the following method :

prepare your Wing Foiling board: assemble your hydrofoil and fix it on your board, put your leash on the board.
drop it close to water: once the board and foil are assembled, bring them close to where you want to enter the water,put  on your wetsuit/boardshort : and get ready exactly like if you were going straight to the water.

inflate your wing: the wing can easily get carried away by the wing that is why we advise to only inflate it just before getting in the water. We recommend to inflate it hidden from the wind if possible and to attach it to a solid object with the leash to avoid any risk of it flying away. Ever since the wing is inflated, attach the leash of the wing to your wrist straight away.
Get back to your Wing Foil board: carry the wing with its handle by positioning the leading edge facing the wind to make its lift neutral and easily carry it. Once you get close to the water with your wing and board, attach your board leash on your ankle.

Carry your gear to the water : because you dropped your wing foiling board close to the water before, you only have a few meters to walk carrying your board and wing at the same time. Be careful, try to always carry your board on the side closer to the wind direction so you don’t risk the wing to get carried away by the wind and get damaged on the foil.

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