We’ve been trying this fin for just over a week now and are well taken by it.   We have bee using it on a Jimmy Lewis M14 downwind board this week and next week will try it on the new Jimmy Lewis Stiletto.

The Race SUP fin was designed with a wider outline that helps maximise stability in trickier conditions.  Hydro dynamically the thicker foil cuts through the water to decrease drag and and help generate increased speed and superb control.

Futures fin 9" race sup

What was really apparent was the increase in speed on the M14.   It isn’t the fastest board we use but this saw it gain another gear in some tiny runners that would have previously dropped us with the bigger pivot fin.

Another thing is the stability across chop.   When using a bigger pivot fin I felt the board would quite easily catch a rail and be locked in place.   Using the Race fin made the board more pliable on a wave.   It made the board really easy to turn and trim when catching or on a wave.[hr]

Future Fins SUP 9in. Race Fin Dimensions:

Base: 6in.
Area: 33in.

Future Fins SUP 10in. Race Fin Dimensions:

Base: 6.67in.
Area: 40in.