404 Paddle Board Brand Jump Vs Ltd Model

April Zilg Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard race Hobie Mike Muir photo

Talking to April Zilg

April said “You won’t go wrong with either board, but if you’re forced to make a choice, you’ll want to see an in-depth view of all the features of the tried and trusted 404 LTD and the new flat-water crushing 404 Jump.

Personally, I’m relieved I have both to choose from, because there’s scenarios where I absolutely prefer one over the other: and you should make your choice based on which conditions you’re more likely to paddle in the most.

What are you using your board for? What kind of racing do you *enjoy* participating in?”

April really goes into detail in this video, specifically looking at each feature of the boards themselves, and then making comparisons and real world pointers as to how the sup race boards perform in differing environments.

Watch it right through, as it really explains certain board features, you may find on our own kit.


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