Leash and string for SUPs

So much is talked about leashes but nobody ever mentions that little piece of string that ties it to the board.

Just this week we’ve had fairly big waves for the south coast and quite a few people have spoken of losing boards because of broken leashes, but I wonder how many actually meant that little bit of string snapped.

If you think about it that piece of string is often the weakest link as it is way thinner than the leash and for many it is probably the least considered piece of kit they have in their van.  I’ve seen plenty of tatty bits of old line being used and I myself have succumbed to using what I could find in the shed once or twice, but I have also fallen foul of the dried out and brittle string that couldn’t take the tension.

Can I recommend that you buy yourself some rope from a windsurf shop and then cut a few lengths ready for use when you’re at the beach.   That way you won’t be grabbing any old crap to get wet.