Infinity SUP raceboards

The Infinity SUP raceboards, designed by Dave Boehne have been ridden and tested by the very best paddlers in the world to make sure you’re getting something truly amazing.

Nothing is a quick fix and Infinity SUP develop and evolve their shapes throughout the year, before making a final plan to launch any new model.

The carbon skin construction is top notch and Infinity SUP have gone the extra mile with the smallest details like designing and testing the traction, handles and final finish.

Infinity Whiplash

The Infinity Whiplash is the outright flat water race winner in the Infinity SUP range.  That said we’ve got guys around the world taking it out in all conditions, but it’s real place is cleaner water.

The board comes with 2 desk options of flat or sunken.  Obviously sunken decks get you lower keeping COE low, but you lose that tiniest amount of standing width so it’s down to you.

Flat tops are more versatile in rougher water where you need to move about more, but if outright gunning it speed is needed then the dugout will give you the edge for sure with an ability to go that bit narrower.

The design of the Infinity Whiplash has so much volume just where you need it and an amazing hybrid step tail. It boost the glide and punch.


Infinity Blackfish

Who doesn’t know the Infinity Blackfish or someone who loves this board already.   A planing hull design that can cope with any conditions.

The living, breathing ocean offers up so many varying conditions in just one session, so you need a board that will chew it up and spit it out.  With masses of stability offered from the refined rail shape and tail complimenting the concave underside.  You will get an immediate response from every bump where the hull will ride up onto the plane waiting for you to work the board like a surfboard.

2014 was the year this board first appeared and since then Dave has not stopped working on evolving and bettering the design and performance.  Slater Trout was a key player in it’s design with the rest of the team coming on board to help take it to another level.



Infinity Downtown

Downwind paddling is something of an art, requiring a new level of balance and understanding from the paddler.

The Infinity Downtown SUP has looked at all areas of downwind paddling and created a dedicated sup that loves that environment.

As with the Infinity Whiplash, the Downtown has either a flat top or dugout deck depending on your preference and regular water state.

The design started with a baseline of Steve Boehne’s timeless downwind rocker line and the guys then built up from there.

Choosing a classic widepoint forward profile and pulled in mini square tail, you get that early entry into bumps, whilst keeping manouverability and quick release in the tail.  The mini square tail is so fast, but doesn’t get pushed about in chop.

The high rails are full of float so you get loads of stability bettered by the hard rails for a surfy release.   The nose has rocker that keeps drop ins feeling easy even when things back up on you a bit, but this rolls back to a single concave delivering a lively feel on bumps.

If you’re at home on the ocean and want to tame the conditions ahead of you, this is worth a look, for sure.  You’ll see our very best team riders on this board when things get tough.



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