Naish Sup Boards are a premium brand getting their name from the worlds most famous windsurfer, Robby Naish.

You can’t get more iconic than the worlds most famous windsurfer, Robby Naish.    His competitive career saw him reach the top of windsurfing for many years and with a huge business on the back of his name it was inevitable the products would be superb.

Naish SUP boards deliver a whole range of boards in all shapes and sizes covering every discipline of stand up paddle boards from sup surfing to racing and downwind paddle boards.

Naish SUP boards

The team of stand up paddlers on the Naish team has become a force to be reckoned with around the world and they have a shining light called Kai Lenny who is a young but very accomplished waterman.

Naish SUP Constructions

The Naish SUP boards as with other brands come in a range of constructions with differing prices so your preferred shape may be more affordable if that all singing carbon board is a little too pricey. The varying constructions include:   Carbon, LE construction, GTW, GS, Odysseus, Soft top and the Inflatable range.

Naish 2016 SUP models

The Nalu range is designed to give longboard style for smooth sup surfing, or just cruising.

The Mana is well suited to someone who is looking to develop there sup surfing skills but still needs that added stability.

The Alana is designed specifically for ladies. It’s light and fun in surf and on the flat.

The Javelin is an elite raceboard designed for competitive paddle boarders.

The Glide is a crossover raceboard, fitness and training or advanced fast touring board coming in 11, 11’6, 12, 12’6 and 14ft

The Hokua range is your serious sup surf shape with more performance specs including narrower, thinner and lower volumes.

The Hokua Raptor has been designed for superb performance in smaller less powerful waves.

The Odysseus is a super stable go anywhere board for just fun in the water time, cruising and chilling.



SUP Paddles

Race LE
The Race LE is the professional race paddle in full carbon

Wave LE
The Wave LE is pretty unique as it is a carbon Kevlar mix wave paddle with super soft shaft.

A full carbon crossover paddle for touring, race or waves

A carbon / glass mix for crossover paddle for touring, race or waves

The Hele is a general paddle for a bit of everything

A lightweight paddle for ladies

Designed for kids, the Keiki is an adjustable paddle

An entry level paddle with aluminium shaft and plastic blade so novices only