Loco SUP is the brainchild of Joe Thwaites, avid surfer, windsurfer and paddleboarder.   Being crazy about SUP surfing, downwind paddling, racing and just plain having fun has made Joe and Loco a real character on the SUP scene.

Joe has worked tirelessly to build the brand with a hands on approach to the board design and construction.   He has revisited ideas and continued to evolve them year on year so they are always improving.

BEing able to surround yourself with local surfers and paddle boarders has really helped to stoke the fire of Loco.  With some great groms, ambassadors and team riders out there riding Loco the brand is now really showing its teeth.


Who is involved in Loco SUP and how did the brand start?

Joe Thwaites started this brand from nothing and with the help of some key players has seen it grow in the  past 12 months.

Bouke Becker from Witchcraft sailboards Fuertuventura helps Joe in all areas of construction making sure the boards are taking advantage of the very best technology and ideas.

Why did Joe start Loco SUP

Back in 2013 Joe saw the need for a quality affordable paddleboard brand.   Look at all the key players and there prices are often prohibitive and out of reach leaving the average customer unable to get what they need.

By designing a range of boards that caters for every level of paddler and delivers quality construction at the right price means Joe has a winner for stand up paddleboarders in the UK

What makes you different to other SUP brands?

It is a UK home grown brand to start with.  Designed from the ground up to handle european conditions.  The designs and rocker lines have been tuned to give the very best performance in our less than perfect waves whilst being super capable in the more premium conditions.

All boards come with GoPro mounts built in, double leash plugs,  3’4 deck pads and K4 fins.


We run regular beginner to improver wing sup surfing lessons.

With over 35 years experience, we are fully insured and certified with: