Coreban was established in 2005  and has seen phenominal growth and success around the world in Stand up Paddleboarding. Started in Maui,  the company relocated to South Africa and then finally setup headquarters in Australia.

Coreban Standup paddleboards UK

The Coreban Standup paddleboard range caters for all aspects and disciplines of SUP and is well suited to UK conditions.

Leading the way in what was a new sport has kept the team at Coreban on their toes with the driving force always being to supply the best kit, give the best experience, provide the best service all backed by their slogan “Only the Best”.

For us what really stands out about the Coreban barnd is their line up of boards.   Each different model has a purpose, is well consdiered and fills a need.   There aren’t too many boards in the range that confuses the punter but ultimately the finish quality is second to none.

A quick round of up of the Coreban 2012 UK range:

  •     Sigma Race range
  •     Wahine range
  •     Vision 12’67
  •     Dart 14’0
  •     Edge 14’0
  •     Turbo 14’0
  •     Alpha Race 14’0
  •     Alpha Race 12’6
  •     Cruiser 11’6
  •     Rocket 10’6
  •     EZ 10×34
  •     Icon 10’0
  •     Performer 9’6
  •     Fusion 9’0
  •     Lithium 8’11
  •     Nitro 8’5
  •     Vibe 8’0
  •     Hyper 7’0
  •     Rescue Craft

Compared to most board manufacturers, Coreban want you to enjoy your board for a long time so they provide you with a high quality board bag with every board you buy.


We run regular beginner to improver wing sup surfing lessons.

With over 35 years experience, we are fully insured and certified with: