BaySUP & H2o SUP Race Plan 8th June 2013

The conditions were pretty windy , cross on conditions that pushed in a decent sized wind swell.   Add to that the many kitesurfers and this was a really exciting race.   Feedback was people loved the team spirit and sunshine.


Option1– Technical Race – beach-side
  • 4 laps of technical W or T shape course, depending on how busy water is with other users, swimmers, jet skis, etc
  • Start – Stood with board at water’s edge, horn to sound start
  • Beach run – At the end of each lap, rider & board out of water run around marker/flag & back into water for next lap. If we have board handlers to hand then boards can be left in the shallows & turned by handlers. If not riders will place boards on dry sand before they commence their run. Riders must keep/run with their paddle at all times.
  • Finish – If we have board handlers or it is calm conditions, leave board in water & sprint for finish line (with paddle). If there are rough conditions or no board handlers, board out of water and sprint finish. Riders must keep/run with their paddle at all times.




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