What is it about the Jobe Duna 2021?

Jobes BESTSELLING board has just had a massive facelift and feature enhancement which has taken it up a notch.

The most all round board offering superb performance on the flat and in the sea for a wide range of conditions is our goto board for sure.


We haven’t cut corners

We use the very best materials that have been combined and designed to give maximum strength and durability whilst offering the feeling needed.
  • Heat-moldable with boiling water for the perfect custom fit.
  • NEW softer-compound Thermo-Form sole for next-level comfort, warmth, dexterity, and durability.
  • Internal split-toe locks your foot inside the boot for precise response.
  • NEW super-tacky, non-marking vulcanized gum rubber sole pods for grip, protection, and flexibility.
  • Waterproof/breathable Ventiprene upper with comfy flat-lock seams.
  • Abrasion-resistant Supratex II outer lining and hydrophobic quick-dry inner lining.

Perfectly designed

Wetsuit boots have to perform again and again and we’ve made sure that your boots can take the workload.
The pull loops have been reinforced and load balanced to they spread the stresses across the heel, whilst the overstraps are bonded around the boot so they don’t out strain on the sides and your foot.

The soles of your feet

The connection between board and feet, but not just any grip – it needs to be the right grip.

The natural rubber sole pods are made with a softer, tackier, more flexible compound for improved traction both on a board and on slippery rocks.

That said we’ve made sure your feet don’t get bound so the need to slip and move isn’t hindered when you need it the most.


Maximising comfort and warmth

For those of you needing more boot during the colder months, we’ve included a pair of knit Solite Heat Booster socks for added warmth, comfort, and easy on/off.
You also get the quad-sealed seams: GBS (Glue/Blind-Stitch), IST (Internal Stretch Tape), External LSS (Liquid Seam Seal).
And to make life easy the colours identfy the thickness of the boot so you won’t pick up the wrong pair when you’re rushing out the door.

Fill line for solite wetsuit boots

Moulding the Solite Wetsuit Boots

  1. Unpack the boots and first of all try them on without soaking them.   Get a feel for them.
  2. Now take them off and go boil some water in a kettle.
  3. Note from this diagram the rough fill level of the boot.
  1. Put boots in a sink or bath and then fill them with the boiling water and leave for 5 minutes.
  2. After 5 minutes, pour the hot water out and pour a little cold water in to the boot to take off the heat. Just for a few seconds.
  3. Test inside the boot with your hand and if ok, put the boot on carefully.
  4. Make sure your toe is inside the cavity and the heel is nested in the heel pocket.
  5. Walk around for a few minutes allowing the boots to cool down and set.
  6. If you need to you can go through the process again until they feel super comfortable, but aren’t bagging around the foot.
We have a video below to watch before working on your solite wetsuit boots if anything is unclear.

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