Jimmy Lewis Black and Blue Machine with Nick Graham sup surfing

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Why are we passionate about Jimmy Lewis SUP Boards?

Jimmy Lewis Worldwide sup boardsJimmy Lewis is world famous not only for his shapes but the construction and durability of his boards.    Look on the global sup boards forums and you’ll read it time and time again.

Our choice of stand up paddle boards in the range are born from experience. We know what works and more importantly how they work in UK conditions.

Since some pretty humble beginnings, Jimmy has never lost the passion for shaping.  He has stayed true and never given into commercial pressure to leave his brand over to a corporate machine that churns out mass produced plastic boards.   When you speak with Jimmy his understanding of each shape is evident and the possibilities for those shapes with you riding them.

Each board, whether it be carbon or glass is made using his unique sandwich construction.  This 100% guarantees a durable, lightweight and great feel in every board.

The range of sup surf, short sups, nose rider sup, race sups, downwind boards and all-rounder sup shapes has grown over the years but unlike other brands Jimmy won’t fiddle. There is a reason a board is made and that shape is perfect every time.

Jimmy Lewis surfing his Black and Blue gets this toes right up front

Insight into the Jimmy Lewis Black and Blue Machine

Nose riders and long board sup surfers will love the Black and Blue Machine!

Jimmy comes from a generation of long board surfers so it goes without saying that this board is a sup surf board for those looking to go old school.

Low volume, super thin rails, scooped nose or plain and a full length deck pad all go towards the classic shape designed to get you up front with style.

What’s stopping you from trying the Best SUP boards NOW!


Find out more about the Jimmy Lewis Black and Blue Machine NOW.

Starboard Pro versus Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun

A recent review between the Starboard Pro and Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun

It’s always interesting to ride other brands or board.   It would be very narrow minded to be so hung up on a brand that you dismissed others for the want of a logo so spread your wings and see what’s on offer.

The Starboard Pro is a very fine piece of kit and in carbon has been designed to deliver maximum performance to the better sup surfer so how does it stack up against the Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun, bearing in mind the Stun Gun was shaped over 7 years ago.

Check out our blog and see what went down. The Starboard Pro versus Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun review.

Starboard Pro versus Jimmy Lewis SUP Surf boards

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