Infinity Whiplash

infinity whiplash hollow carbon 2022

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Ex-Demo Infinity Whiplash for Sale – just £2395.00

We have a very lightly used 14×22.5 hollow Infinity Whiplash raceboard for sale. This board is in superb condition with only 3 very short outings and now it’s back on the racks in the shop.

If you want to save £££s then this is the board for you.

It’s easy to paddle and super fast on the flat without doubt and you need this to help you rise through the ranks in the GBSUP race scene.

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The Infinity Whiplash is the ultimate, super fast, flat water raceboard, on the water coming in a hollow construction.

The new Infinity Whiplash keeps delivering, when other boards fail and your fastest times are just around the corner on this elite race machine.

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infinity whiplash 2022 colours
infinity whiplash crimson 2022


  • Construction: Full Team carbon, Hollow
  • Multidirectional deckpad
  • Self venting valve

Key design features

The standing area of the Infinity Whiplash has been lowered a nd widened helping to increase stability and the riders ability to adapt to conditions.

The nose of the new Whiplash has a sharp piercing bow, which has been enhanced with a more pronounced vee shape, helping to make an even cleaner water entry.

The tail has been slightly thinned to help it sink more easily when moving for a step back turn, entry to buoys and catching bumps.

Volume distribution around the board is well balanced and you have a very adjustable sweet spot depending on the conditions, be it chop or flat water.


The “Inverse V” channel underneath has been pushed back just in front of the cockpit area, and carries on to the back of the board to greater increase glide per stroke and smooth out the draft.

With the Infinity Whiplash dugout you get greater stability and more room for foot movement to handle varying conditions.

Rolled rails up front to increase water release, sharpening as you go back to help improve stability and control really makes a big difference when riding a narrower board, especially if conditions aren’t perfect.







254 L



272 L



298 L



316 L

Who is the Infinity Whiplash Dugout aimed at?

The Infinity Whiplash dugout is a direct competitor of boards like the ever popular, Starboard Sprint that we reviewed here.

Ridden by Infinity Team Riders like Itzel Delgado, this board oozes performance, but you’re going to have to put the work in to get the best from it.

Flat water to open water chop is where the Infinity Whiplash, really comes into its own, and you’ll find that you get the best from this board with rider dedication, getting out there and training hard and drilling those skills.

If you’re quite light you may enjoy this as a fast touring board for inland waters, and it will downwind if you’ve got the skills, but it really is a Formula One, race machine at heart.

On the flip side, you might just want to have the fastest board at your home water and race your mates round, or you’ve got bored just cruising and want to step up your game. @infinitysupuk

Rider level



infinity whiplash sup hollow construction

The 2022 Infinity Whiplash dugout Hollow Carbon construction is super strong stronger and light but will feel a bit different to the standard form core construction.

The carbon x reinforcements in the impact areas an standing areas, increase rigidity, that helps further performance, by directing drive from the feet through the board.

High quality fitting, such as handles and fin boxes are important , as is the way they’re built into the board so a lot of attention to detail has gone on here with the new hollow construction.

The package contains

  • Board
  • Race fin


  • We provide a 1 year warranty on all new products, unless otherwise quoted.
  • This is based on manufacturing defect and not on wear and tear, misuse or improper use of a product.
  • All warranties are handled by us during the first year and direct to manufacturer thereafter.
itzel delgado on infinity whiplash

The infinity Whiplash dugout Summary

Level of paddler: this board is perfect for intermediate to advanced paddlers wanting a performance board to ride in a mix of conditions.

Disciplines: this is an uncompromising raceboard that will deliver in conditions ranging from flat to open water chop and windblown chop. 

Price /Quality ratio:  it is a premium product and the quality / price ratio shows this, but you won’t be disappointed, if your goal is to go fast and win.

Locations: River – Sea – Lakes