Jimmy Lewis Rail

Length: 14

Width: 28, 26.5

Volume: 290, 270

Construction: I-beam signature carbon




Jimmy Lewis Rail is the ultimate downwind board for all conditions.

The JImmy Lewis Rail comes as a carbon construction board comes in 14ft only but is available in 28 or 26.5 wide.    To be honest I don’t care about dimensions, it’s the shape that is doing it for me.   I’ve ridden plenty of downwind boards from SiC, Starboard, Fanatic and each time there was a compromise.   The Jimmy Lewis Rail doesn’t compromise even down to the construction and finish.

Jimmy Lewis Rail Downwind board


There is no denying that when Jimmy and Marlon created this board they had some real big boots to fill.   It’s gotta be fast, it’s gotta glide forever, it’s gotta surf and without a doubt it better look cool.

Any open water board needs to be able to cope with rough conditions but this doesn’t just mean being stable.  The ability to maintain its line whilst being agile enough to redirect on a bump when ridden from the tail or mid ships is critical.

One of the real benefits with this type of board is stability due to the rail edges.   Compared to something like a Starboard AllStar that has more roll from rail to rail the sharper rails on The Rail or M14 lock the board down to the water and reduce roll.   The less you are doing to keep on the board means more energy to ride and glide.

As always The Rail uses the famous Signature construction but this time it’s in carbon only.   What’s feels great is that it isn’t a crazy light board like some.  Jimmy knows that keeping a bit more strength and weight is key to making a board that lasts and looks great.    Add to that the fact that when going downwind a bit of weight helps hold the board on the water and gain momentum so it’s win win.




Additional information

Board width

26.5, 28

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