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The Infinity RNB has become a legendary board and the addition of the PVC construction has brought it to the entry-level customer who still expects performance at a more affordable price.

“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down” – great words by Rik Astley and oh so true here.

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infinity rnb for 2022


  • Varied dimensions
  • PVC comes in white, whereas carbon is either grey, blue or orange, but is confirmed when ordering.
  • Carbon pvc sandwich or pvc glass sandwich
  • Board weight: xkg | xlbs

Key design features

The parallel outline and wide tail on the Infinity RNB gives amazing stability so the paddler is able to ride a narrower board than they might normally consider.

The shape is a mix of classic surfboard and the Tomo designs that give it a really wide range of use in varying conditions.

The board has a slight single concave and a deeper double between the fins that helps to channel the water and generate drive and control at speed.

The boards versatility is further increased by its fin setup options of tri- quad or 5 fins layouts and don’t forget nubsters if you want to try something new out.

infinity rnb shape for 2022


Length Width Volume
7’1” 24” 72.3 L
7’4” 25” 78 L
7’11” 28” 87.5 L
8’2” 29” 115 L
8’2” 30” 125 L
8’5” 31” 133.5 L
8’8” 32” 142 L

Who is the Infinity RNB aimed at?

The Infinity RNB is really aimed at the intermediate and experienced sup surfer who is looking to get serious performance from a board, but also have an eay to use board for rougher water. 

We used the 8’5 RNB as a goto board in south coast waves and west coast of ireland conditions for a season and never wanted for more.


infinoity rnb construction


The board construction is the new SUPspension Tech carbon/Innegra blended layup, which has huge benefits.

Using exclusive state of the art materials to achieve the best weight vs strength in the industry, we manipulate the flex of the board by strategically placing glass and carbon fiber to create loading and unloading of energy for unmatched performance. TWIST-COIL-SPRING. Feel the difference.

  • Military grade BIAX carbon fibre
  • Ultra high density foam
  • Multi layer fibreglass wrapping
  • Ultra light CNC EPS foam
  • Unidirectional carbon fibre stringers
  • Colour tint

The package contains

  • Board in either pvc or carbon construction
  • Tri fin setup as standard


  • Infinity provide a 1 year warranty as standard.
  • This is based on manufacturing defect and not on wear and tear, misuse or improper use of a product.
  • All warranties are handled by us during the first year.
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The infinity rnb Summary

Level of paddler: intermediate to advanced sup surfer.

Disciplines: everything from the local 1ft beach break to over head bombs in cornwall and ireland.

Price /Quality ratio:  this board will deliver performance to the wanting sup surfer for many years and you’ll love the feeling it gives in a huge range of conditions.

Locations: Sea

Additional information

SUP construction

Carbon, PVC

Board length

7'1, 7'11, 7'4, 7'7, 8'2, 8'5, 8'8


Dolphin blue, White and orange stripe

Board width

24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32