Infinity Blackfish Candice Series

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The 2022 Infinity Candice Series sup is the board of choice for world champion, Candice Appleby.

The dimensions are based on her own style of paddling and preferences, so the rest is down to you to become as fast on the water.

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infinity blackfish candice series 2022


  • Construction: Full Team carbon
  • Multidirectional deckpad
  • Self venting valve

Key design features

The standing area of the boards are designed around Candice Applebys own preferences and style.

With many of the features based around the standard Infinity Blackfish, the Candice model comes in at both 12’6 and 14ft to suit either BOP or longer race choices.

The deck is a standard flat deck, that is well suited to many compared to a dugout version.

The nose of the board has very slight rise which gives excellent clearance and control in open water, whilst the hull shape deliver really smooth performance on the flat.

There is a comfortable sweet spot in both the 12’6 an 14 meaning you have room to move and vary your position depending on conditions.

The tail shape is a standard Blackfish, square with hard rails giving superb stability when working off the tail or pivoting.


Length Width Volume
12’6” 25” 243 L
12’6” 27” 260 L
14” 23” 265 L
14” 24.5” 275 L

Who is the Candice Series or racing sups aimed at?

Candice Appleby is a World Champion paddleboard racer. She is a powerful paddler and needs a board that works in a wide range of conditions.

That said, the sizes and in particular the option of a 12’6 are great for someone who may play more BOP style, surf and open water or just someone a bit smaller who doesn’t want a 14ft. 

Ridden by Infinity Team Riders like Itzel Delgado, this board oozes performance, but you’re going to have to put the work in to get the best from it.


The boards use the standard carbon construction is super strong stronger and light but will feel a bit different to the standard form core construction.

The carbon x reinforcements in the impact areas and standing areas, increase rigidity, that helps further performance, by directing drive from the feet through the board.

High quality fitting, such as handles and fin boxes are important , as is the way they’re built into the board, so a lot of attention to detail has gone on here with the new hollow construction.

The package contains

  • Board
  • Race fin


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infinity blackfish candice series 2022 BLUE SINGLE

The infinity blackfish candice series Summary

Level of paddler: this board is perfect for intermediate to advanced paddlers wanting a performance board to ride in a mix of conditions.

Disciplines: this is an uncompromising raceboard that will deliver in conditions ranging from flat to open water chop and windblown chop.

Price /Quality ratio:  it is a premium product and the quality / price ratio shows this, but you won’t be disappointed, if your goal is to go fast and win.

Locations: River – Sea – Lakes

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