Jimmy Lewis Supertech SUP surf

Jimmy Lewis Super Tech UK

Price: £1,250.00£1,450.00

Length: 7’5, 7’10, 8’3, 8’8

Width: 26.5, 27.5, 28.5, 29

Volume: 82, 94, 105, 112

Construction: Glass or Carbon with full airex sandwich

Jimmy Lewis Supertech sup surf board is fast and aggressive sup surfboard that is not compromised by fat rails or volume. This board is for elite riders looking to really go to the edge of their sup surf experience.

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Jimmy Lewis Supertech SUP surf

The Jimmy Lewis Supertech is a pure shredding machine for advanced paddlers only.

So many design traits go to making a wicked board but you have to add that little something else to make it really tear it up.   The Jimmy Lewis Super Tech has everything in bundles and we got to experience it first hand in Lanzarote. I know we talk about testing the boards in the UK but this board deserved a bit more attention when we reviewed it.


The board is as always built in the standard super strong construction with all the fin boxes, handle, leash plug and GoPro mount embedded into high density foam then reinforced.  You can splash out on carbon if you prefer, but for the extra money will you really get more back?

The design

The artwork is unique. It was commissioned by Jimmy from the artist *****

The board has a squash tail that gives a serious loose feel and can easily break free if you fancy throwing a load of spray.

Jimmy Lewis supertech uk

As with all of Jimmys performance boards they are thin with beautifully designed rocker profile and rails.

The fin setup can run as either quad or tri depending on your preference.   I personally preferred the quad to get that bit more speed.   The fins are super light honeycomb glass and have a lovely flex but when you’re at this level you may like to experiment – that’s your choice.

You can see that this board does not have a full deck pad so you’re gonna need to wax the board.   A bit of a weird feeling at first but I soon got used to it.   The only thing I will say is that I have put 2 small foot pads either side of the carry handle for when paddling out.    I feel it allowed me to soften my feet, but I am a bigger bloke.

Quick is an understatement for this board. Either in tri or quad it is quick onto the wave then down the line speed is only limited by the riders ability.   Some of our young team riders were banging this around like a tiny surfboard and carrying speed throughout.

Board sizes for the Jimmy Lewis Supertech

I weigh in at 85kg dry so my preferred size is the 8’3 with 105 litres.   Gives that bit more glide into a wave and is far less twitchy when paddling about.  I did use the 90 litre model and paddled it fine but it becomes more tricky when handling any chop so don’t make it too hard for yourself.     Bear in mind that all these boards are seriously maneuverable and performance oriented so you don’t have to go down in size unless your weight and skills can cope.

7’5 x 26.5 wide and 80 litres

7’10 x 27.5 wide and 90 litres

8’3 x 28.5 wide and 105 litres

8’8 x 29 wide and 112 litres

Jimmy Lewis Super tech

If you are wanting something a bit more relaxed but still high performance then the Jimmy Lewis Worldwide delivers.

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Additional information

Board length

7'10, 7'5, 8'3, 8'8

SUP construction

Carbon, Glass