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Infinity Blurr V2

Price: £2,195.00

The Infinity Blurr V2 is a savage surf sup that we’ve played hard on our south coast waves.

One the best boards in our rack for when the conditions really turn on and you wanna shred everything.

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infinity blurr v2

Key design features

The Infinity Blurr V2 is the most aggressive surf sup that Infinity offer up to paddle surfers and it has some very specific design features, helping to achieve the serious performance.

Thinned out rails, give a serious grip and control in power turns, but a clever stepped rail helps to lift the volume on the inner board.

Talking about stepped rails, the stability is improved as the thin rails sink low leaving the deck up high, so you don’t get affected by choppy conditions.

The tail runs fast and the nose of the board feel s super light, so you’re in no doubt you can slash hard and pull off serious turns at speed.

This board features a single concave and therocker is also not as low as the RNB and not as curved as the BLine, it has more of a moderate traditional rocker which makes for predictable transitions and speed.

  • Tri fin setup
  • Diamond swallow tail
  • Super light construction







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142 L

Who is the Infinity Blurr V2 aimed at?

The Infinity Blurr V2 is definitely aimed at the competent intermediate to advanced sup surfer who has already got skills and wants to go that much further with their surfing.   It’s a smooth board, with sharp bite if you need it.

Much like the Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun, which is one of my all-time favourite surf sups, the Infinity Blurr V2 is a smooth and reliable ride style, which I’ve found to work really well in my south coast spot, but has really turned on when I faced it out at some Kimmeridge waves.

The lower volumes are quite narrow, so for bigger guys and girls, I’m recommending a bit bigger if you particularly work in choppier waters, but this is my own choice being a heavier guy.

Board speed is superb, meaning you can get air easily, or bolt out of tight turns whilst picking your spot on the wave and not getting bogged down.

The board feeling is really responsive and the SUPspension construction really gives you a direct feel to the board and water, so when you drive through the feet it responds.

Rider level


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Using exclusive state of the art materials to achieve the best weight vs strength in the industry, we manipulate the flex of the board by strategically placing glass and carbon fiber to create loading and unloading of energy for unmatched performance. TWIST-COIL-SPRING. Feel the difference.

  • Military grade BIAX carbon fibre
  • Ultra high density foam
  • Multi layer fibreglass wrapping
  • Ultra light CNC EPS foam
  • Unidirectional carbon fibre stringers
  • Colour tint

The package contains

  • A board
  • Set of fins


  • We provide a 1 year warranty on all new products, unless otherwise quoted.
  • This is based on manufacturing defect and not on wear and tear, misuse or improper use of a product.
  • All warranties are handled by us during the first year and direct to manufacturer thereafter.
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The infinity Blurr V2 summary

Level of paddler: definitely intermediate to advanced sup surfer with previous experience. If you don’t sup surf that often then maybe look at the Infinity RNB for a smoother ride.

Disciplines: this board is a surf sup and is designed for just that. But that said it works amazing in everything we’ve tried it in , from south coast, wind driven waves and grind to fast, clean Atlantic rollers over in Ireland and Cornwall.

Price /Quality ratio:  the build quality of these boards is exceptionally good. That said, Infinity offer a 1 Year Warranty to back up how they feel about their Infinity B Line.

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