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Jimmy Lewis M14 downwind board

M14 and M12 downwind board by Jimmy Lewis

Price: £2,150.00

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The Jimmy Lewis M14 was the first downwind board we ever rode here in the UK

Stable, fast and forgiving for all levels of paddlers, this board has done the Molokai many times as well as being my board of choice for the Isles of Scilly to Sennen paddle I undertook in 2017.

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The Jimmy Lewis M14 downwind board is my board of choice when I am doing a big downwind run or ocean paddle.

The Jimmy Lewis M14 or Maliko as it is also known is a  seriously tasty board that hides performance within an easy to use bit of kit.

Jimmy Lewis M14 Maliko downwinder machine and fast tourer

What you have to look for in an ocean board is the ability to deal with a range of conditions really well.

  • Stability  – is it a stable platform when the water gets rough and in particular when paddling across the chop and waves.  The other thing with a stable board is how much energy you keep in reserve.
  • Speed – whilst speed isn’t as much the goal of these boards, it is easier if the board is quick up onto the plane and maintains speed so you can focus on the bumps and lines you ride.
  • Control – this is so important. The ability to handle the board, direction, pitch and roll.    If you can’t steer and move loosely with the board as it follows the contour of the water then you need to find a new board or put more time in on the water.

How does the M14 marry up

Stability is second to none. At 28 wide and with a flat underside and sharp rails it holds flat and supports you well underfoot.   There is good volume right up to the edge of the deckpad by the handle and a lot of volume from the handle and back into the  tail.  This area is particularly useful as it is here that you will work the board on the plane.

Jimmy Lewis M14 doing Molokai to Oahu race

A rocker line that offer a good amount of tail kick that helps give the short board surf feel and a big nose rocker that helps to manage the drops.

The Jimmy Lewis M14 isn’t the fastest downwind board I have ever ridden when conditions become balisitic.  It’s ability to smooth out the rough stuff and help you out when it’s getting tricky make a huge difference.  That said from 2014 on the new changes have seen a flatter rocker line that has increased speed quite a lot.


Jimmy Lewis M14 downwind board uk


What else can you do on an M14

Whilst the Jimmy Lewis M14 is a true downwind board, it cuts its own as a fun family board, river cruiser and all round fun board with a huge performance edge if you wanted it so its a lot of board for your money.