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Jimmy Lewis Flying V

Price: £1,650.00£1,950.00

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Jimmy Lewis Flying V offers high performance wing foiling

Length: 5’11, 6’5, 6’11, 7’5, 7’11

Width: 28.5, 28.5, 29, 30, 31


Volume: 105, 115, 129, 152, 180

Construction: PVC or Carbon

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Key design features

The Flying V is Jimmy’s latest foil SUP that can be used for Wing and SUP foiling.

Generally a lighter board will allow you to glide longer on foil which makes our Signature and Carbon Sandwich constructions the perfect match for these boards to keep them very light weight while giving maximum strength and reinforcement for the Tuttle box. 

The deck pad has a center line as well as two horizontal lines for riders to get an accurate and quick visual reference for foot placement for riding without straps. 

Board has 5 different insert options for foot strap location and comes with foot straps.The beveled chine rails provide easy lift-off and touch-down, and the tail lift keeps the tail clear when pumping.

flying v deck blue
flying v ridge red


  • PVC layup.
  • Leash attachment point.
  • Self breathing valve.
  • Twin track foil attachment.
  • Deep tuttle option.
  • Easy grab carry handle.
  • Tail pad integrated into deckpad.

Who is the Jimmy Lewis Flying V Foil board aimed at?

Anyone looking to startout with foiling or take it up a gear will love the Jimmy Lewis Foil board as it offers the ultimate performance mixed with ease of use and handling.

The rocker line was designed with stability, tracking, and paddle speed in mind but also to not “stick” in the nose when coming down from the foil. The tail rocker is also very important in giving you that initial “pop” and water release to effortlessly get up on foil. 

FYI . Jimmy and Marlon were very lucky to work with Alex Aguera from Go Foil who helped us with the testing/development of these boards and gave us expert knowledge on optimum Tuttle box placement as well as ideal stance and foot placement.



The usual solid construction from Jimmy Lewis has been used  on the foil boards with either PVC or Carbon layups, with the addition of extra reinforcements around the fin boxes.

The strap fitings have also been reinforced so they can easily handle the strains put on them when jumping, pumping and surfing.

And don’t forget the optional foil fitments of the tuttle and twin tracks.

The package contains

  • Board, built with carbon construction
  • Deckpad and tail kick


  • We provide a 1 year warranty on all new products, unless otherwise quoted.
  • This is based on manufacturing defect and not on wear and tear, misuse or improper use of a product.
  • All warranties are handled by us during the first year and direct to manufacturer thereafter.
flying v deck blue

The Jimmy Lewis Flying V board Summary

Level of foiler: in any of the sizes, this board is easy to ride and a beginner can go for the bigger board and progress down in size.

Disciplines: flat water foiling is a dream on this board, but let’s not forget the downwind and surfing element.  Obviously, a lot about this board is affected by the foil itself, but suffice to say the balance and weight of this board helps a huge amount.

Price /Quality ratio:  the build quality of Jimmy Lewis foil boards is second to none and whilst being lightweight, this board has a super tough construction that is built to offer up many years of fun on the water.

Locations: Sea – Lakes

Lessons: If you buy a wing foil board we will be happy to offer you a wing foiling lesson if you’re not yet up on the foil.

Additional information

Foil board size

5’11 x 28.5 – 105l, 6'11 x 29 – 129l, 6'5 x 28.5 – 115l, 7'11 x 31 – 180l, 7'5 x 30 – 152l

SUP construction

Carbon, PVC