Downwind paddleboard lessons

Our downwind paddleboard lessons can be run at our local waters around West Sussex or we can venture further afield to Cornwall and Devon.

With so many options available we are able to deliver our downwind paddleboard lessons to all levels of paddler who may be looking for a complete introduction to open water paddling or a true downwind run in open seas.

downwind paddleboard lessons

Downwind paddleboarding lessons take the paddler and give them the skills to handle rough open water and surf zones as well as dealing with windy conditions and rescue techniques.

Any time we head out onto the sea in rough water it is important that we all recognise the power of the ocean.   Respecting the conditions and knowing our own abilities along with trusting our paddle partners will go a long way to enjoying our time out there.

  • Reading the water and prevailing conditions
  • Recognising weather fronts
  • Safety protocols
  • Riding and connecting bumps
  • Walking the board and using the paddle effectively

These are just some of the things that you will learn during your time with us on the downwind paddleboarding lesson.