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Join us now and enjoy a family paddleboard lesson, keeping the family active this summer in Chichester and Bracklesham.

Enjoy some quality and educational family time by joining our paddle board lessons on the Chichester Canal.

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Our Family paddleboarding lessons are a great way to enjoy some quality time with your kids, whilst learning a new sport. It’s all about fun, with a hint of learning and being safe on the water.

The session is for your family only, so our instructor is dedicated to your group, which means more time to focus on you guys and your needs.

Giving you the confidence and skills

I’m a parent and know how it felt when my kids first jumped in the river to splash around.   Even being an experienced waterman, I was still nervous and never took my eye off them, so I set about making sure they were Water Smart.

With that said, your kids are going to better than you, so the family paddle board lessons are your chance to join the learning.

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Our Family paddle board lessons are great fun

Having time on the water with your family is great for having fun in a new environment and gives everyone something new to talk and laugh about.

Where do our Family paddleboard lessons run

Choosing the safest locations for your sessions is so important and the local Canal in Chichester, along with Prinsted in the harbour ticks all of the boxes.

Not only will you progress really quickly, but you’ll be amazed how pretty it is round here and how much there is to see, even so close to London.

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the Importance of Safe Paddle Board Lessons for Kids

For us, making our paddle board lessons relevant and engaging for families with kids is crucial. Here are the key considerations we have in mind when developing these lessons for children and their families:

1. Safety

1.1. Preventing Accidents

  • Proper Handling: Both on and off the water, you’re handling big kit with sharp bits.
  • Balancing Techniques: There are ways to improve your balance on the board and we’ll help everyone on an individual basis.
  • Collision Avoidance: Being able to move the board around is so important.

1.2. Emergency Situations

  • Fall Response: Many people can simply fly back onto the board, but others need a few tricks.
  • Signalling for Help: On water communications are so important for the safety of you and your family.
  • Self-Rescue Skills: Everyone should understand the basics of self rescue and helping others.

2. Skill Development

2.1. Building Confidence

  • Structured Learning: Talk and do in a way that makes sense.
  • Gradual Progression: It’s not a race, so we stage the learning process.

2.2. Technique Improvement

  • Proper Paddling: Hopefully we can find time to put some technique tips into the lesson.
  • Habit Formation: This is so important from the outset as you’ll be stronger, injury free and more capable.

3. Physical and Mental Benefits

3.1. Physical Fitness

  • Full-body Workout: Over time your own fitness levels will improve.
  • Injury Prevention: We can certainly relate to injury prevention.

3.2. Mental Health

  • Stress Relief: Time on the water can be calming and reduce stress.
  • Positive Experience: Safe and enjoyable lessons contribute to overall mental well-being.

4. Environmental Awareness

4.1. Respect for Nature

  • Ecosystem Education: We can discuss being aware and handling the environmental impact you’ll have on the water..
  • Sustainable Practices: It’s pretty obvious to look after your kit and the footsteps you leave behind.

5. Social Skills

5.1. Teamwork and Communication

  • Group Sessions: Learn to paddle as a unit and be group aware.
  • Supportive Environment: Learning to encourage and help each other.

6. Long-term Engagement

6.1. Fostering a Lifelong Hobby

  • Positive Experiences: Let’s get you stoked from the very beginning and this is a lifelong habit ready to go.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Everything you do outdoors is worth a 1000 times any xbox game or gadget.


Safe paddle board lessons for kids are essential for:

  • Ensuring immediate safety and preventing accidents.
  • Developing skills and boosting confidence.
  • Enhancing both physical fitness and mental well-being.
  • Promoting environmental awareness and respect.
  • Improving social skills through teamwork.
  • Fostering a lifelong passion for paddle boarding and water sports.

By concentrating on these aspects, structured and safe paddle board lessons or indeed any watersports lessons guarantee that your family will not only enjoy the activity but also reap many benefits in various areas of their lives. And most importantly, parents can relax and feel confident about their kids’ safety.

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