What is the Jobe Duna about

Jobes BESTSELLING board has just had a massive facelift and feature enhancement which has taken it up a notch.

The most all round board offering superb performance on the flat and in the sea for a wide range of conditions is our goto board for sure.


No corners were cut

The build quality of the Jobe Duna is just superb and that is backed by the 3 year warranty that Jobe are confident in offering.
  • The very best build quality.
  • High quality and long lasting materials helping to reduce waste.
  • Amazing performanceand looks.

No excess weight here

The Jobe Duna uses Heat Bonding Technology and this makes a huge difference to the board weight and ultimate performance and handling.

We engineered our Aero Sup board range with a high density of nylon threads on the inside, fused to a solid PVC-coated base cloth by pre-laminated heat bonding technology.

This technology holds that we laminate the drop stitch inside to the second layers with controlled heat performed by a machine, removing all human error and flaws. As we had no interest in producing single layer boards, we took a layer of drop stitch reinforcement to protect the base cloth and a second drop stitch reinforcement layer to strengthen the board to its max.

On top of these layers, we use a PVC-coat nylon base to guarantee our Aero’s durability. All layers are well-connected due to thermos-assembled methods performed by high-tech machines under controlled conditions, saving almost 2kg in weight compared to traditional double layer application methods.

All these processes together create the perfect blend between shape, looks, durability and weight. Another important fact to add is that Heat Bonded Technology highly reduces the use of glue which is better for the environment.


How does stiff make light

In short our Aero Boards are 2kg lighter, stiffer, stronger, keep their shape, float easier trough the water, more airtight and most importantly: super durable.

All the processes we’ve created in the design and build of our boards come together to create the perfect blend between shape, looks, durability and weight.

Let's compare

Not all boards suck, but there are plenty of very cheap imports that may look great form the outside, but they’re let down by the thing that makes them safe and usable.


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