How Wing Foiling has changed watersports

Wing foiling has brought light wind sailing back to life

Windsurfing held court for the stronger winds, but it’s appeal in lighter winds was diminishing whilst  paddle boarding  was the dominant sport in zero to light winds, but this still left a void.

A void in which wing foiling would excel and allow keen waterman to be back on the water and not tucked away praying for a few more knots of wind.

But it’s bigger than that. Being so accessible, anyone who can paddle board, windsurf, kiteboard, sail or surf can be out and flying, enjoying even more time on the water and this is where the Surfs SUP Watersports Wing Foiling Lessons come in.

How do our Progressive levels Work

Our Wing Foiling Scheme has 4 Progressive levels that bring you through the sport in a way that is both safe and dynamic.


With our beginner level 1 session, you will be briefed on the wind and how it works in relation to the wing.  Understanding the kit on land and flying a wing on land.   From here you will be taken on to the water where you will try the wing on board a SUP and the aim is to sail out and back  with control.


This level 2 session, takes everything from level 1 and pushes you to sail more confidently, whilst adding more movements and pace.  As before, you’re on a SUP so we will look to sail a small course, ending back at the start, whilst learning more turns.


This is when you get to sail with a foil attached and we’re looking to get those first short flights. It’s not a quick win here and you’ll have to persevere here, but the more comfortable you are on a paddle board or windsurfer, the better.


Sustained flights, even for ten seconds or so are the goal here.  Managing take off, flight and touch down, with a greater feeling of control.  From here you’re going to need your own kit to practice, but remember to find the perfect water and not try in conditions that are too rough or strong.

Who is each level aimed at

Total beginner: 

Level 1 is for anyone who wants to start their journey , but has never held a wing before.  To be honest you don’t need to have experience of any wind sport as we cover that, but it can certainly help.

You need to be able to swim and will find it useful if you can stand up paddleboard, windsurf, kite or surf.   In preparation for this course it would be useful to read our blog about wind and how it works for windsurfing and wingfoiling.

People who have been winging before: 

If you have had a go with your mates wing and floated around, then it may be you join us for the Level 1 or Level 2 – this is something we would talk about at time of booking the wing lesson.

You’re comfortable winging and want to try the foil before investing:

Level 3 is probably you. All I’d say is if we haven’t seen you wing before, you need to be confident you can stand and sail a smaller board, 140 litres around, off the foil and happy steering, gybing and always getting back to your start point.

You’ve managed a few short flights on the foil but want more control:

We can absolutely help to progress your foiling. These sessions are often 1 to 1 so we can focus on you and your skills. If you’ve reached a plateau and only getting short flights, it is probably something really simple so let’s work on that and give you some tips to get sustained flight.