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Downwind stand up paddle boarding Lessons in Chichester, West Sussex

Surfs SUP Watersports Downwind Paddleboarding Instructors are RYA and ASI qualified and highly experienced with over 30 years coaching experience.

Downwind paddle board lessons

What's involved with downwinding

Downwind paddleboarding is a real thrill, whereby you’re catching bumps and swell, with the wind on your back and gliding along.

Unlike surfing, you’re looking to catch a bump or small swell, then ride it along and then connect to another one as it pops up.

It’s a really technical side of the sport and requires balance, awareness and an understanding of the way the water moves.

When you first start, you’ll catch the occasional glide, but as you improve, those rides get longer.

Having a good awareness of the environment is crucial for the safety of you and others.

downwind sup board

The Downwind paddle boarding lesson is your gateway to safe openwater paddling.

Our session will teach you about:


The Environment

  • Reading the conditions both water and wind
  • Identifying hazards



  • Planning the trip relating to the upcoming weather systems
  • How to paddle as a team
  • Paddle smart
  • How to handle your kit in rough water and strong winds
  • How to wipe out and remount
  • Planning launch and exit points
  • Safety signals and comms
  • Emergency services processes


Equipment & Clothing

  • Choose suitable SUP downwind paddle board and equipment
  • Identify suitable clothing to wear
  • Identify safety equipment and accessories


Paddle Skills

  • Identify wave mechanics to maximize performance
  • How to read the wind for best effect
  • Catch and ride “bumps”
  • Demonstrate correct paddling technique and stance
  • Methods to vary stroke rate and length
  • Rail steering
  • How to maintain momentum and speed


Entry Requirements:

  • Be able to swim 200 metres without stopping 
  • Must be able to paddle in choppy waters and able to remount quickly, without help
asi qualified paddleboarding instructor
  • ASI Qualified Instruction, with our multi-sport instructors.
  • 30+ yrs coaching experience
  • Fully Insured.
  • DBS Checked