Bracklesham sup

Bracklesham Paddle boarders club, isn't so much a club, but an informal meetup for anyone who wants to join us.

What do we do

We meetup  throughout the year and paddle together, both on the sea and inland on Chichester Canal or the Chichester harbour.

It’s a great way to make new friends and gain confidence with others who love to SUP in and around Bracklesham, West Sussex.

Bracklesham paddle boarders club

Where are Bracklesham Paddle Boarders SUP Club based?

Bracklesham Bay is on the south coast in West Sussex, just south of Chichester, where you also find Chichester SUP Club and right beside East Wittering. Set in the middle of a wide bay shouldered by East Wittering, West Wittering and Selsey, Bracklesham is known by many a surfer, kiteboarder, windsurfer and paddleboarder travelling from all over to pick up a wave and wind.

The beach is a mix of pebbles and sand with a gently sloping beach as the tide drops, but deeper water at high tide. As you look out into the channel, you’ll see the Isle of Wight straight ahead and Portsmouth to the west, with Selsey Bill off to the east.

What's on the agenda?

Fitness and general wellbeing paddles

Just being on the water gives a feeling of calm and being at one with yourself and the environment. Our Chillout paddles are just that, we roll along and just enjoy the surroundings and time on the water.

Depending on the sea state and winds, we may head into the Chicheter harbour or even onto the Chichester Canal for this session.

Flat water paddling – you can launch at Bracklesham and head east, towards Selsey or head west towards Chichester Harbour.  If the sea is too choppy then we can head into Itchenor , in the harbour and paddle out towards Dell Quay or Bosham, if the tide allows.

SUP surfing – during the non summer months, we can get some pretty good waves for all levels of paddler. Just be respectful of other water users. We’ll enjoy some early morning when winds are the lightest if the tides are right, as the waves can clean up a lot.

Downwind paddling – quite tricky with logisitcs, but huge fun with experienced paddlers. You’ll need to get your paddling skills and fitness up for this.

How do the seasons affect us on the coast

We’ve jotted down what happens through the year, so you can get a feel for what you might encounter when you come on the water with us.

When you join us on the water or come down on your own, it is worth checking your kit over to make sure you’re happy with it being seaworthy, especially in the winter.


During the Summer months, Bracklesham is a busy tourist spot and the sea is generally calm, unless we get a windy period which makes the water more choppy, with occasional waves.


  • Groin posts are hidden at high tide
  • Offshore winds
  • Weaver fish
  • Jelly fish (rare)
  • Very busy on the water


  • Inflatables sups are fun for the family, but hard race boards are great here for some exercise and training.
  • Not much need for a small surf sup as waves aren’t really punchy enough, this time of year.

During these months, Bracklesham is a much quieter ad you’ll get some amazing conditions, whilst the air and water temp is still comfortable.


  • Groin posts are hidden at high tide
  • Stronger winds


  • Inflatables sups,hard race and downwind boards are great here for some exercise and training.
  • Proper surf sups work well now we have swell coming in from the channel and the atlantic.
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Here we go. You gotta put on your winter suit now as air temp and water temp drops.


  • Groin posts are hidden at high tide
  • Very strong winds from storms hit us, but we still get those times of calm, so don’t give up.


  • Small surf sups are game on for sup surfing.
  • iSups when it isn’t windy and to chunky.
  • Race and downwind boards for training surfing fun.
  • Decent leash

There is no charge!

As we said before, the Bracklesham Paddleboarders Club is more of a casual /social meetup, where like-minded people can hook up to paddle with others.

If we go paddling on the Chichester Canal, then you will need your own licence as you would if we paddled in the Chichester Harbour, but if we head out at the beach, then no charge.

If Surfs SUP Watersports / Ian Phillips is running a clinic, and you want to join in, then there is a cost to that, and we can also hire out paddle boards.