Board repairs

Board repairs repairs are inevitable

It’s how you deal with them that makes the difference and with such an array of materials and constructions you need a professional to get the very best and watertight finish.

If you have a SUP, surfboard or windsurfboard that has been damaged then a quick patch may be all it needs, but more often than not it’s bigger than that.

Water ingress into the damaged area over a short time can completely destroy a board, whilst weak repairs done with filler will simply pop in and may see the damaged area growing rapidly.

The 2 examples here show very clearly how much work goes into what seems like a small repair.  Also note the damage on the SUP that went under the deckpad and would have gone unnoticed.


Josh at Kraken White is our go to guy for all repairs.

He has experience for all  SUP repairs, Windsurf repairs and Surfboard repairs, most importantly providing the very best finish we’ve ever seen.

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