Exiting the carve gybe on the plane

Cracking out a fully planing carve is one of the most frustrating moves a windsurfer ever tries to achieve with most sailors accepting the occasional

Windsurfing with Tabou and Gaastra

Windsurfing  (Gaastra and Tabou) is the ultimate watersport that can now be seen a natural accompaniment to stand up paddleboarding. Way back in the 80s

Tabou Manta review 2017

So what is the Tabou Manta 2017 has seen the Tabou Manta go through a lengthy development cycle, with endless prototypes and fine tuning. The

Tabou windsurf boards

Tabou windsurf boards need very little introduction with Ross Williams heading up the UK distribution of the windsurf boards along with GA Sails. It is

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