You might have seen people out on the water and wondered what on earth they are doing so here is technical breakdown of what stand up paddleboarding is all about.

The techies guide to SUP

Step 1) stand up on a big surf board

Step 2) hold paddle in hands

Step 3) paddle

Step 4) boards moves forwards

Step 5) you fall in but have fun doing it

So what’s it really about?

OK so that is the geek speak breakdown of it but seriously what is SUP or stand up paddleboarding.

The sports of paddleboarding is quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular watersports you can do.   Being so accessible it is a great way to get fit and stay healthy.

All across Sussex people of all ages and abilities are getting into SUP finding it much easier to get going that with prone surfing.   That isn’t to say it is all about waves.  Paddleboarding can be done on any body of water be it flat, rivers, in waves, open ocean.  Absolutely anywhere you can legally paddle.

Although the principle seems pretty simple, as with all things there is always a right and wrong way with many shades of  grey.   It is well worth making your firest couple of trips out with someone who knows what they are doing and who can guide you and quickly help you iron out the bad habits.

What equipment would I need?

Realistically all you need is a board, paddle, leash and wetsuit.  Boards are just like surfboards, but bigger and sometimes are inflatable so fit in the boot of the car. No roofrack needed.

Who can help me?

Sussex SUP Club offer introductory lessons to stand up paddleboarding as well as advanced lessons to groups and individuals.  We also provide open water tours and coastal runs and rental equipment.