Jimmy Lewis Destroyer Surfboard

Jimmy Lewis Destroyer Surfboard


Length: 7’0, 8’0

Width: 21 1/4, 21 1/2

Thickness: 2 3/4

Construction: I-beam signature

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Jimmy Lewis has made a board that truly deserves to sit in every surfers collection.   The Jimmy Lewis Destroyer is a fun shape mini tanker that can handle anything you put it to.

Buzzy Kerbox on Jimmy Lewis Destroyer

The Jimmy Lewis DESTROYER delivers massive glide and drive. To find this in one sharp is near impossible and this is what makes the Jimmy Lewis Destroyer such a unique board design and so suited to fun in UK and Irish waves.

Jimmy spent time working with his team and from their feedback managed to blend features from his longboards that deliver the great forward drive and hard carving from the pintail thruster which has culminated into this great and pretty unique shape.

The Jimmy Lewis Destroyer really works in our UK lesser than perfect conditions from knee high to well overhead, steep bowls, but most importantly is great in beach breaks that most of us ride.   It really helps to link those flat spots or closed sections that cut us off from the wave.


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