Werner Rip Stick sup surf paddle

Werner Rip Stick SUP surf paddle

Sizes:   79, 88

Werner Rip Stick sup surf paddle has been designed for the ultimate sup surf experience

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The Werner Rip Stick is the ultimate sup surf paddle, designed from the ground up to meet the needs of paddle surfers in the toughest conditions.

The Werner Rip Stick redesigned blade delivers a huge amount of power from a smaller blade which in turn has a reduced swing weight.  The low profile blade doesn’t catch so when you’re laying it down or using the paddle as a brace you get a clean exit.

The Werner Rip Stick power comes from the new double concave dihedral in the power face of the blade that really locks the water in as you engage the blade.

Something that you’l really appreciate is the reduced 7 degree rake that keeps the blade powered up. A softer shaft than in the Grand Prix race paddles also gives a more relaxed feel.



  • Dihedral-configured for the surf. Our innovative double concave dihedral on the Werner Rip Stick creates a self-centering dynamic to any angle or placement of any stroke. Focus on catching the wave in the perfect position without worrying about your paddling technique.
  • Dihedral-configured for power. The double concave dihedral creates power pockets. Maximum power from a low profile blade shape and smaller overall size. Higher cadence for more speed, less blade in the way for cranking through turns.
  • Wave riding utilizes quick, explosive strokes, hence our surf blade shape. This low profile blade shape also avoids tripping up when performing. Complimenting the initial power of the stroke, we softened the flex to protect your body.
  • 7 degree shaft to blade offset does 2 key things in the waves. It keeps the blade more vertical in the short-fast strokes needed for surfing and keeps the blade parallel to the surface of the water – eliminating diving and providing a more confident brace.
  • 89 square” blade reduces surface area to excel in the surf, but remains powerful with innovative blade design. This mid-size blade suits medium to larger statured surfers.
  • Increased volume to size ratio enhances the buoyancy of this carbon blade. Creating a feel of the blade “Popping” from the water. Light-fast strokes and added confidence in your bracing.
  • We looked to decades of experience in compression molding paddle blades to come up with our ultra-thin edges. Cleaner entry and exit from the water and lighter weight while remaining abrasion and impact resistant.
  • Flex is a key element a surf specific paddle. To reduce stress on the body during the bursts of energy needed when surfing, we increased the overall flex compared to our other carbon models, without sacrificing performance or strength.
  • Choose your Advanced Fit options. Choose our full carbon 1-piece option in Standard Fit or Small Fit (Ideal for ladies or those with smaller hands.) Or for more specific fit needs, our Performance Adjustable or Performance Travel (3-piece breakdown)
  • Read our Advanced Designs + Advanced Fit section below for even more information on this paddle.

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