Infinity New Deal


Length: 9, 9, 9’6, 10, 10

Width: 26, 28, 31, 27, 29

Volume: 93, 104, 141, 122, 139


The Infinity RNB is one of those boards that wins fans by delivering performance and ease of use in one board.

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The Infinity new deal is a true longboarders dream which oozes pedigree.

The Infinity New Deal is one of those boards that sits proudly in the rack, shoulder high, looking the part even when it’s dry. A shape that’s been honed over time to squeeze every ounce of performance out of the wave.

With a simple undershape of concave and V and tiny wings in the tail it doesn’t say look how fast i am until you get on the wave. Very versatile in the small stuff, but truly lighting up when it gets bigger you can mix up the fin options to get a feel that is all about you.