Infinity Blackfish SUP raceboard

Infinity Blackfish 2020

Length: 12’6 & 14

Width: 21.5 – 27

Volume: 205 – 325

Construction: Full Team carbon or PVC

The 2020 Infinity Blackfish has been kicked hard up the ass this year with some serious enhancements, worked over by Dave and the team.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Since its inception the Infinity Blackfish has shaped modern all water raceboards with it’s much imitated, progressive design features.

Ridden by the likes of Candice Appleby, Shae Foudy, Slater Trout, Tyler Bashor and of course Kai Lenny, the Blackfish is not only striking to look at, but when the going gets tough, the Blackfish gets going!!

Carrying on into 2020 and beyond with that same market leading, forward thinking mentality, Dave Boehne has yet again brought us what we believe to be the finest piece of kit available for all water race conditions whilst sticking to his original design concept…..

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Versatility
  • Manouverability
  • Premium quality fittings
  • Premium quality materials and a bad ass finish!!

Board design

  • We now have a FLAT DECK and DUGOUT to choose from!!!!
  • Refined nose with a piercing bow to aid upwind ability, and reduce splash which increases speed
  • Increased nose volume which promotes early rise when on a bump or surfing a bomb
  • The “Inverse V” channel underneath has been pushed back just in front of the cockpit area, and carries on to the back of the board to greater increase glide per stroke and smoooth out the draft
  • Greater stability and planing ability has been achieved with flat sections either side of the channel, and nice hard rails towards the tail and out the back give you a real clean release and control for when your riding waves and bumps
  • Softer rails from the standing area towards the nose give a nice forgiving smooth ride in the chop


Features found on both the flat deck and dugout

  • The cockpit on the dugout is approximately the same depth as the Whiplash which rises up from the standing area towards the tail to a flat section which makes it really easy to surf and perform buoy turns
  • The tail profile has been tuned to increase control around buoys or when surfing


The Construction

  • The 2020 Team Elite Carbon construction is stronger and lighter by approximately 2lbs from the 2019 Team Elite Carbon construction and is available on both flatdeck and dugout
  • Performance PVC is available on the flatdeck only, and offers entry level affordability and durability with all of the performance we’ve come to expect from Infinity
  • Only the highest quality fittings are used throughout
  • The finish doesn’t chip like regular painted boards so your pride and joy will continue to look great well in to the future

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Additional information

Infinity construction

PVC, Carbon standard


Purple, Blue, Grey

Board length


Board width

24.5, 21.5, 23, 24, 25, 27