GA IQ Free Windsurf SUP


Length: 10’7, 10’9, 11’1

Width: 33, 34, 34

Volume: 270, 285, 300

Construction: inflatable, double skin with windsurf attachment



The GA IQ Free Windsurf SUP is a multi purpose stand up paddleboard that works as both a windsurf board and sup board.

Unlike other combination boards, the GA IQ Free Windsurf SUP has a lot of attention to detail paid to its features that makes sure it really can perform.

As a SUP, the board has a single center fin that is fitted into a standard US box allowing you to easily upgrade or replace it.  The fin that comes with the board is plastic moulded with some flex, but totally adequate for the use your going to put this to.

In windsurf mode you have an additional fin that can be used in the middle of the board that acts as a dagger board to provide better upwind sailing ability and resistance. Once again it’s a classic US fin box so you could add a bigger fin if you wanted to.

As a SUP, the board has a nice width to it of between 33 and 34 inches so it’s really stable, but the rocker line is fairly flat and the tail has a nice rounded off outline so these two elements alone help to improve glide in the flat.

Back to windsurf mode and you have a mastfoot plate and bolt fitted into the board.  You simply take off the nut from your UJ and screw the bolt into the board.  I’d recommend using a mechanical UJ as it reduces tension when the sail falls over but saying that the GA IQ Free windsurf attachment is very well fitted into the board and spreads the load.

The board features include:

  • a double layer bottom stringer and single layer top stringer
  • lockable inflation valve fitted to the tail area
  • double layer rail overlaps for added stiffness and reinforcement
  • eva deckpad
  • softtouch handle
  • leash attachment on nose and tail
  • dual function pump with both high speed and slow speed functions
  • roomy backpack with heaps of space and well made
  • repair kit
  • deck tie downs


The IQ Free Windsurf SUP is a great all in one board for a family or watersports enthusiast who wants to get more from their day at the beach.  It’s quick and easy to inflate and super stable whilst mataining a good level of performance in both SUP and windsurf mode.  You’re definitely going to have fun on this board.

We also provide the GA (Gaastra) Hybrid rig packages that go well with this board.

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