Sandbanks SUP Style Ultimate

Length: 10’6

Width: 32

Thickness: 6

Volume: 290

Max rider weight: 130kg

PSI range: 16-25

Fin: tri fin setup, with easy fix centre fin

Construction: Fusion drop stitch technology




The Sandbanks SUP Style Ultimate

A board with all the latest advances in iSUP technology, but priced to deliver Ultimate value on top of superb performance.

The board is exactly the same as our Ultimate Art model, except for the graphics that have been kept clean and simple. But don’t be fooled, this board has everything you need as a beginner or more advanced paddler looking for a premium product at a great price.Accessory pack for the sandbanks sup style ultimate

Build quality delivers performance.

The Sandbanks SUP Style Ultimate is visually very simple, but don’t let that fool you as it has everything you need to enjoy a great on the water experience. In a recent independent review the Sandbanks SUP Style Ultimate 10’6 got 9/10 which really speaks volumes.The travel bag is really well made and so easy to use.  Instead of just being a rucksack, we found ourselves towing the bag which was so easy, even the kids could help out.

And add to that the spare room so we were able to load up some towels and spare clothing.The Sandbanks SUP Style Ultimate is 32 inches wide, as with most other 10’6 iSups.  This is a magic number in this board range as it gives stability without killing the challenge that we all need when paddling and that means better performance as you improve.

The bow shape helps to increase board speed which is so important if you’re aiming to do some little trips along a river or coastal area, but it also helps if you want to snag some small waves.

Board weight is also very respectable for such a well built board and will please a lot of paddlers who find they’ve struggled with some of the heavier isups on the market.

The Ultimate was a favourite amongst our sup club paddlers and that’s why we’ve decided to keep this model in stock through 2019 as we really believe and trust in the quality that’s backed by the manufacturers 3 year warranty.

Something else to add is the rocker that really added to the boards capability in the chop and small waves, but as with any isup make sure you put in the right volume to benefit.  You need a rigid board, so the rocker doesn’t give away its shape.

You get an tri fin setup that is maintenance free and gives good grip for both flat and surfing.  The small side fins are soft, but the centre fin is a proper shape and comes with this great little quick fix mechanism, requiring no tools so makes setup and pack down even easier.[vc_btn title=”Get in touch now to book your demo on a Sandbanks SUP Style board!” style=”flat” shape=”square” color=”primary” size=”lg” align=”center” link=”|||”][vc_column width=”2/3″]

sandbanks sup style ultimate 10’6 2019 package

The Sandbanks SUP Style Malibu 10’6 2019 package is a fantastic setup, designed to deliver tons of fun.

The package provides everything you need from bag, paddle, leash, fin and board with many quality features that will add to the ease of use and ultimate enjoyment.

When you buy a Sandbanks SUP Style Malibu 2019 you get:

  • The 3 year warranty
  • Bravo 2 stage pump
  • Lightweight, 3 piece aluminium paddle with reinforced pvc blade
  • Ankle surf leash
  • Valve repair kit
  • Wheelie backpack with room for board and extras like towels

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Any water sport is dangerous and we advise that all persons engaging in any form of stand up paddle boarding should assess their abilities and take suitable precautions

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