Jobe Neva 12'6 2019

Jobe Neva 12'6 2019


Length: 12’6

Width: 29

Thickness: 6

Volume: 314

Max rider weight: 120kg

PSI range: 18-29

Fin: 8″ tool less fin

Construction: Jobes innovative drop stitch technology

Package contains:

  • Bungee storage net
  • Double action pump in matching color
  • 10 ft. coiled leash
  • Adjustable fiberglass 3-piece paddle (Freedom stick)
  • Customized adjustable backpack


Racing, downwinding and touring on the Jobe Neva 12’6

The Jobe Neva 12’6 is your chance to go hard and go fast, with amazing straight line speed and control delivered in this sleak profiled design. A board that is just as capable taking on a coastal tour as it is racing in the #gbsup series.

With the usual Jobe refinements and high quality construction you’ll be ready to take on new challenges with ease. A no compromise board that doesn’t have the price tag of other brands but is still able to deliver the performance offered by more race oriented brands.Jobe Neva 12'6 dry bag 2018

Build quality delivers performance.

A performance sup, the Jobe Neva 12’6 excels in race conditions for the entry level racer or downwind paddle boarder.Compared to the full on race machines the Jobe Neva 12’6 is 29 inches wide so it’s no a challenging ride for any budding racer.   This might not be to the elite league of paddlers but is perfect for larger or entry level racers and those wanting to head out to sea and experience open and exposed water.

As always we have the innovative drop stitch technology that Jobe applies to all of its 2019 boards which has massively improved rigidity. Certainly in a board of this size that is a massive plus as any flex will massively reduce the boards speed and stability.

The Jobe Neva has a square tail design the board has superb stability in rougher water which makes it a pretty useful downwind board, but for the racers you’ll find it super easy to pivot turn.

You get an 8″ removable centre fin that requires not tools to remove so that’s great for anyone without a toolkit in the car.[vc_btn title=”If you’re still unsure why not come and TRY the Jobe Neva 12’6 inflatable sup and make up your own mind!” align=”center”][vc_column width=”2/3″]

Jobe Neva 12’6 2018 package

The Jobe Neva 12’6 2019 package really is a great deal offering the build quality of brands like Red Paddle SUPs.

A quick recap gives us features like the padded carry handle for a softer grip, a paddle holder to make life easier, a carry handle at the tip of the board, a large bungee area for those paddle trips and obviously the great shape and performance.

When you buy a Jobe Neva 12’6 2019 you get:

  • A board that weighs 9.5kg
  • A 3 year warranty which backs up how good this board is
  • The very latest technology in drop stitch, which is a big deal for inflatables
  • A Drytube Back Pack
  • A multi function pump allowing high speed or pressure
  • A 3 piece paddle made of fibreglass with a reinforced pvc blade
  • A coiled board leash, very important for longer sup boards

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Any water sport is dangerous and we advise that all persons engaging in any form of stand up paddle boarding should assess their abilities and take suitable precautions.