Jimmy Lewis Stiletto SUP

Jimmy Lewis Stiletto

Jimmy Lewis Stiletto SUP



The Stiletto intermediate level race board. For a more advanced board aimed at the more elite/pro competitive sup racers please goto Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder and Jimmy Lewis UBoat

Length: 12’6, 14

Width: 12’6×27.5, 12’6×28.5, 12’6×30, 14×28

Volume: 235, 265, 290, 278

Construction: I-beam signature or Carbon

Jimmy Lewis Stiletto raceboard is a great entry level sup race board. Open sea or flat water, carbon or glass. this board will see you quickly progressing through the ranks.

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The Jimmy Lewis Stiletto is for sup racers or distance paddlers looking to paddle on both ocean and inland waters.

If you’ve checked out the UBoat and Sabre which are out and out flat water raceboards then this may suit you better if you wanna go open water as well and don’t want to buy 2 boards.

8 hours underfoot

When I paddled the Round Isle of Sheppey Race I rode the standard construction Jimmy Lewis Stiletto Stiletto 14. We had it all that day – read about it here.   The board performed really well and was comfortable underfoot even after 8 hours on a board.

Board design

stiletto-frontThe Jimmy Lewis Stiletto board design offers a sharp wave piercing bow that reduces the effects of pushing water and makes for a clean glide.    It also helps to keep it engaged as this increases the straight line capability therefore increasing the number of strokes you can take per side.

All the Jimmy Lewis Stiletto models including the 14 are stable as they only go down to 27 wide which give s you an added bonus in rougher water.   The squared off tail also helps when surfing in or doing pivot turns compared to a more pin tail design.

The underside is flat with a slight V in the tail  which offers more stability than a full displacement hull that a lot of race boards are promoting.    A slight rocker line helping to deal with rougher water and boxier rails and a square tail gives more support than the Sabre.

It also has a lowered standing area to help increase stability, another bonus when it gets rougher.

Stiletto by Jimmy Lewis UK

Which model

At 14ft and 273 litres this board is capable of being a winner for the heavier guys racing. 15-16 stone would be the top weight at this volume to get the very best performance from this board.

The Jimmy Lewis Stiletto S 12’6  is ideal for women and lighter weight racers 85kg and less who want a super-fast and stable race board. Designed to be the fastest board in it’s class, the Stiletto 12’6 is built to perform and can handle any conditions.

The Construction

Jimmy provides this board in either carbon or standard signature.   To be honest if you are looking at the 12’6 you’d be just as good to look at the signature construction as it is so light but super tough, but the 14 in standard is heavier so carbon might be an option if you are taking racing seriously.

3rd place for local team rider Colin Elston

Colin Elston racing the Jimmy Lewis Stiletto 12'6Colin was handed this board the day before the big race on the River Thames, The UK SUP Clubs 25km form Bray.    Unfortunately his own board, which is a bigger model hadn’t arrived so we convinced him to take the smaller 12’6 which was over 30 litres smaller.

Whilst it sat lower in the water the stability and waterline was superb.

Not much too say really as the results speak for themselves. Colin got a 3rd place in the 41-51 age category.

He was really pleased with the board, super responsive and easily as light as a carbon board.

Additional information

Board length