Neptune All Rounder SUP


Length: 10, 10’6, 11, 11’6

Width: 31, 31.5, 31, 30.5

Volume: 175, 186, 198, 208

Construction: Glass fibre construction and bamboo veneer

Neptune Allround sup  is a great fun board for families and the weekend paddler looking for adventure.



The Neptune range of stand up paddelboards offers great value for money.

Aside of inflatable sups, a good allrounder is the perfect family and fun board that everyone should have in their garage.   It will let you get on the water in a wide range of conditions ranging from small waves to distance paddling and adventures.

The Neptune Mach #2 Allrounder SUP board is pleasantly smooth to paddle and quick enough to enjoy a trip along the coast or around your local lake.   For a bigger board it is also agile enough to enjoy some small waves.

The design is very clean and simple, being based on a classic longboard shape so you’ll get smooth surfing performance but don’t expect sharp snapping turns – leave that to a shorter more dedicated shape.   The finish on the Neptune SUPs is pretty classic in look and feel with a high polished finish and 3 fin setup.

To top it off the board comes with a camera mount on the nose and deck grip with a tail wedge.

If you are looking for a really enjoyable and fun allround stand up paddleboard then you’ll definitely get value for money out of the Neptune All rounder.

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