Jobe Yarra inflatable sup

Jobe Yarra 10’6 2018

£689.00 £599.00

Length: 10’6

Width: 32

Thickness: 6

Volume: 310

Max rider weight: 120kg

PSI range: 16-18

Fin: 8″ tool less fin

Construction: Jobes innovative drop stitch technology

Package contains:

  • Bungee storage net
  • Double action pump in matching color
  • 10 ft. coiled leash
  • Adjustable fiberglass 3-piece paddle (Freedom stick)
  • Customized adjustable backpack


The Jobe Yarra 10’6 is the everything board just for fun

10’6 is undoubtedly the most popular size in inflatable sups and the Jobe Yarra 2018  takes it to another level.  A board that will be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere and anytime without doubt.

With Jobes long history in developing watersports equipment they’ve gone overboard to make sure the Jobe Yarra steps up to the plate with features that give the paddler that little bit more.

Using their innovative drop stitch technology, the Jobe Yarra has managed to shave the weight off which means it’s more easily handled by the kids and ladies, but that also adds to its performance on the water as well.

No matter what you want to do, be it paddling with friends on the canal, or heading up the river in the sunshine and even a bit of sup surfing, the Jobe Yarra 10’6 should be on your wish list.

Jobe Yarra 10'6 2018

Build quality delivers performance.

The Jobe Yarra 10’6  2018 SUP board uses Jobes own innovative drop stitch technology that delivers a super lightweight board that’s still capable of delivering great performance.

The Jobe Yarra is 32 inches wide which  gives the paddler a super stable platform without hindering the performance or speed.  The 6 inch thick board is solid and maintains a rigid waterline once pumped to pressure.

This sort of board can take a total newbie from flat water to waves within a few months so there’s no limit to the fun you can have on the Jobe Yarra.

There’s plenty of volume and stability in the Jobe Yarra so sup yoga #supyoga is also an option for those of you that can bend that way and with a max capacity of 120kg you’re not going to struggle putting kids and dogs on it as well if you fancy fun time #supsandpups

You get an 8″ removable centre fin that requires not tools to remove so that’s great for anyone without a toolkit in the car.

Jobe Yarra 10’6 2018 package

The Jobe Yarra 10’6 2018 package really is a great deal offering the build quality of brands like Red Paddle SUPs.

A quick recap gives us features like the padded carry handle for a softer grip, a paddle holder to make life easier, a carry handle at the tip of the board, a large bungee area for those paddle trips and obviously the great shape and performance.

When you buy a Jobe Yarra 10’6 2018 you get:

  • A board that weighs 9kg
  • A 3 year warranty which backs up how good this board is
  • The very latest technology in drop stitch, which is a big deal for inflatables
  • A Drytube Back Pack
  • A multi function pump allowing high speed or pressure
  • A 3 piece paddle made of fibreglass with a reinforced pvc blade
  • A coiled board leash, very important for longer sup boards


Any water sport is dangerous and we advise that all persons engaging in any form of stand up paddle boarding should assess their abilities and take suitable precautions.

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