Jimmy Lewis UBoat SUP race board


Length: 12’6, 14

Width: both in 27 and 25

Volume: 265, 285

Construction: Carbon with full airex sandwich

Jimmy Lewis UBoat is a serious contender for the podium places in UK SUP Club races.     Designed for flat to choppy water, piercing bow and stable tail, you’ll find this board easy to ride in competition.

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The Jimmy Lewis UBoat is an awesomely fast raceboard designed and built to offer the serious racer a chance at the title.


I wouldn’t normally rant about an upgrade but the 2016  UBoat has seen some serious tweaks to the super fast original shape that has made a huge difference to its usability.

The new shape has much sharper rails along its length and a wider tail.     The rails alone have really stabilised the board and it sits really well in rougher water.     Add to that the wider tail which has helped to balance it during buoy turns or when riding back in on bumps and chop.

Another big difference is the bow which is still a sharp piercing shape but slops upwards to help break and release water tension.

Once your underway it is pretty balanced so time needs to spent working with the board. I always like to take boards like this out in less than perfect condition to improve my control overall.  You then find that going out in a wider range of conditions is much easier.

The nose on this board is a really sharp water piercing front end but it isn’t that deep so it is possible to control the front end steering by controlling how deep you bury that nose.

The underside is pretty flat with a slight round in it to improve water release aided by the rounded rails.

With a very narrow tail that creates hardly any drag it is really hard to draft this board.

With 2 neoprene side handles and one optional central handle the board is easily carried during a race situation or just launching.The Jimmy Lewis Uboat fin

The standing area has been lowered to help improve stability and a flat deck pad goes back well towards the tail meaning stepping back is secure with the need for waxing.


Why would you buy a board like this

You want to win, SIMPLE. This isn’t a social paddle board.   It won’t be much use heading out to sea for a downwinder but on flatwater where speed is king this is the board to go for. Super light, efficient and exceptional tracking.  This is a one trick pony designed for one thing — TO WIN!


Summary after training with Paolo Marconi

Paolo has been racing the Jimmy Lewis UBoat for 5 months now and has truly dialled into it.

Knowing how to tweak the board and train yourself to get the very best from it is super important.

It is worth experimenting with fin size if you find the board railing in downwind legs and definitely position the grab handles to suit your style.

Work the Jimmy Lewis UBoat with bow down to really track a fast line in flatter water and then step back to get the bow up in rougher water.


Board length


Board width

25, 27

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