Infinity Blackfish



The Infinity Blackfish!

Dave Boehne has come up with an amazing all water raceboard  with input from a key player on his team, Slater Trout.

First impressions of the Infinity Blackfish is of it’s build quality.   The full carbon construction both feels really strong and looks great in a brushed effect.

The design on first inspection looks like other allwater boards, but there are some very neat features that need mentioning.

The boards outline is very very straight from tip to tail which means you carry the max width for longer and this increases stability.

This board features a very straight outline from tip to tail that increases stability and an all new rocker that likes to plane on top of the water rather than slice and part it away. This board is super forgiving in chop and is a beast paddling upwind. Slater claims it to be the “fastest board in the bumps I’ve ever ridden” and if you have the motor this board has been proven to sprint faster than any board Infinity makes.

There is an optional aftermarket fin set custom made by Larry Allison for 2017 Infinity Blackfish boards. It includes a center click-in fin to be used with Pro-Box Twin side fins (w/ neutral white boxes). Ventral Click-In fin completes the set.

His answer was the Sidewinder 14 and 12’6.

Our own experience in the UK has been in conditions ranging form glass flat to rough open water. Suffice to say the board has performed way above our expectations and looks to get better the more time you spend riding it.

Downwinding, we’ve tested both the 14 and 12’6 in 23 and 25 models.   Certainly the 23 becomes more tricky in really rough choppy mess, but was really good fun and fast when conditions were more organised, whilst the 25 model was a breeze to ride.

Flatwater is seriously impressive as it really glides effortlessly along our test canal.   The key here is its stability and nose and tail release that work together to remain unaffected by outside influences.

Mixed up race conditions are again easy to manage with the board holding its line and not being upset by moving water, side chop and wake from other boards.

Maurice Guy heading upwind on the Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder
You can see how easily the Sidewinder heads upwind, punching through chop. You can see how the nose holds itself just above the water line so it’s not affected by wind or waves and the tail is just above water giving a super clean release and not getting suck back form the passing chop.

The thing you gotta love about this board is its approach to life.  “Get on and do it”

14×29: the board shaped for heavyweight paddlers 110kg+. To paddle at their best.

14×27: the board you want to ride in open ocean conditions.

14×25: the most suitable board for wavy and choppy conditions.

14×23: the most suitable board for flat water or small choppy conditions.


12’6×29: the most suitable board for bigger riders or just casual racing.

12’6×27: the most suitable board to ride if you approach a competition for the very first time. It’s easy while fast, but will also deliver unparalleled stability in rough water.

12’6×25 – 229 liters: the most suitable board for racers looking to find the edge.

If you are after a flatwater raceboard for lakes and river or even summer on the ocean then the Jimmy Lewis UBoat is our other offering that will deliver huge performance with ease of use.