i love up relax isup inflatable stand up paddle board

I Love SUP Relax 11’6 2018

£679.00 £599.00

Length: 11’6

Width: 32

Thickness: 6

Volume: 310

Max rider weight: 120kg

PSI range: 16-18

Fin: US Box Central Connect 7″

Construction: Fused drop stitch technology

Package contains:

  • Glass fibre paddle with reinforced nylon blade with a power face for improved performance
  • Coiled leash
  • Rip stop travel bag with wheels
  • Reinforced nylon fin with finger tightening bolt.


The ultimate family inflatable stand up paddle board

Having spent a year developing the I Love range of SUPs we’re now pleased to have the full range here in the UK for you to try and enjoy.

The focus of the I Love SUP range is family fun and performance in a great and colourful board, but with a totally groovy feel for some of us that brings back memories of the Monkees and Day Dream Believer.  We’ve not followed the thinking of others putting speed stripes on them and simple linear designs.   Our I Love SUPs will make you smile.

Sunshine in my life!

We’ve tried this board in everything from sunny days on the canal to windy rainy at sea.

A resounding “YES” from the whole family and they continue to enjoy how this board looks and feels as a family stand up paddle board.

The 11’6 Relax iSUP

There’s so many sizes of iSUP out there and many of them perform well, but 11’6 seems to be a magic number in so many ways.

  • It glides well so as you go from total beginner to a confident paddler you’ll be able to travel further and keep up with others.
  • It’s not ridiculously wide to make life stuffy, which often happens when people buy boards like the Red 10’6 Ride.
  • It’s capable in the surf as it is really rigid and has a more parallel rail shape to improve control.
  • It’s easy to handle in head winds so you won’t struggle like you might with a bigger board.

All inflatables need to maintain a shape especially through the length of the board, otherwise you’ll push water as paddle, so the 11’6 was designed to maintain a rigid waterline that would resist flex without having to use external cables or battens.

We played around on the board in a light 10 knot breeze and it was easy to maintain its direction which would often be  a problem for iSUPS that would steer away from the wind.

A family board

It’s colourful for one, so the kids will love it. But even with the kids jumping on it to play, you’ll also be able to jump on and have a blast or play in some small waves once you kick the kids off.

When you buy an I Love SUP 12’6

We haven’t scrimped on the build quality and made sure you get a board that will last a long time as we know you’ll use it loads.

  • A double layer skin for durability and strength with pre glued drop stitch
  • A 3M deckpad that gives a really soft underfoot feel
  • Soft carry handle
  • Plenty of tie down options for stowing kit on adventures
  • A Go Pro fitment if you love a selfie
  • A ripstop material carry/trolley bag
  • High pressure, multi power pump
  • A fantastic glass fibre paddle with pvc reinforced blade
  • PVC reinforced centre fin


Any water sport is dangerous and we advise that all persons engaging in any form of stand up paddle boarding should assess their abilities and take suitable precautions.


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