Windsurfing lesson

Our qualified instructors deliver the very best windsurfing lesson sessions.

This voucher entitles one person to join a group session that runs with a minimum of 2 persons and maximum of 4 people. One to One windsurf lessons are available.

We make sure that all of our windsurfers are at a similar level so we don’t leave anyone behind in the group, allowing us to really push you on into more advanced techniques and manoeuvres.

We follow the Royal Yachting Association training course, but also add some of our more progressive elements which have been developed to help improve our sessions, without missing the fundamental building blocks.

  • The session is 2 hrs long.
  • We don’t stop for a break during this session so it’s full on windsurfing.



course contents

Our Progressive Windsurfing Lessons

Beginner to windsurfing.
This is where it all begins for you.

  • Understanding the kit and handling it
  • On land simulation to gain a basic understanding of:
    • Climbing on the board
    • Uphauling
    • Secure position
    • Static turn
    • Sailing position
    • Basic steering
  • On the water we will:
    • Mirror the on land training exercises.
Intermediate windsurfing lesson.

Our Windsurf intermediate lesson takes the foundation skills from your Beginner session and helps to fine tune the moves.

What will we cover in your lesson?

  • Improving your upwind sailing and maintaining position
  • Introduction of the tack and gybe turns
  • Improved steering

Working those new skills we will sail together and aim to:

  • Sail a triangular course
  • Improve board and rig controls
Advanced windsurfing lesson.

The windsurf advanced lesson aims to be the culmination of everything you’ve learned so far with us.

What will we cover in your lesson?

  • Faster launching
  • Improving your tacking and gybing
  • Advanced steering with integrated board and rail movements
  • Stronger wind control 
Working those new skills we will sail together and aim to:
  • Map an upwind course and sail it
  • Racing fun
One to One windsurfing lesson.

Being able to focus on a specific move or just have the time to yourself can really help speed up your learning curve.

Your one to one lesson may follow our own Progressive Windsurfing Lesson Plan or it may be we tailor it to target some specific moves you want to work on.

    Check out our One to One Windsurfing Lesson page here.

    The windsurfing kit we use is perfect for intro to intermediate moves, but you’r also welcome to bring your own kit along and we can help you tune it.

      the school kit

      The kit we use

      We’ve chosen boards from the Starboard range not only for their amazing build quality and performance, but also their eco credentials.

      The Starboard Rio and Go Windsurf boards deliver great performance but also help speed up the learning process in those early stages.

      Take it to the ridge

      A clever ridge designed into the deck gets you in the right place to perform more consistently and the long tail design improves glide in ligther winds.

      windsurf lesson summary

      You'll learn:

      • What it takes to become a self sufficient windsurfer
      • Why windsurfing is addicitve

      You'll definately:

      • Leave us with new skills and dreams of buying your own kit
      • Enjoy your time with us

      We provide:

      • Board, sail, wetsuit and buoyancy aid
      • Safe and qualified instruction from an RYA certified instructor


      • Lesson times are based on tide and weather conditions
      • You have 6 months to redeem the voucher which is non-refundable

      Weather and tides

      Our beginner and intermediate windsurfing courses run in the harbour so we can make use of the flat water.  This allows us to focus on the techniques.

      Preferred wind speeds are between 5 and 12 knots.

      More advanced courses may take place on the open sea in stronger winds.

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