Windsurf Beginner Lesson

Windsurf one to one experience

This booking is for a voucher entitling the bearer to a one to one windsurfing experience in which we will tailor the day to suit you.

£265.00 £235.00


The one to one windsurf experience is unique to you and your needs.

We’ll definitely work on rigging and understanding kit as that is a big part of any sailors knowledge.

From there we may take a tour around the harbour or head on out to sea or along the coast.

Obviously it’s all based on your experience and skills so we’ll plan all of this beforehand.

Whatever we do it’s about you and improving your windsurfing skills and enjoying your time on the water.

What will you learn on your One to One Windsurf experience

You'll learn:

  • Learn more about kit and rigging
  • Plan a route and understand the conditions
  • Sail a route
  • Safety measures

You'll definately:

  • Sail all day
  • Go home happy

We provide:

  • Board, sail, wetsuit and buoyancy aid
  • Safe and qualified instruction from an RYA certified instructor


  • The dates will vary based on weather and tides
  • Once you have your voucher we can liaise with you to work on the best time
  • You have 3 months to redeem the voucher after purchase

Our beginner and intermediate windsurfing courses run in the harbour so we can make use of the flat water.  This allows us to focus on the techniques.

Preferred wind speeds are between 5 and 12 knots.

More advanced courses may take place on the open sea in stronger winds.

We run our waterports lessons all year round so it’s best to be well prepared for the great outdoors.

Always bring with you:

  • Towell
  • Jacket
  • Warm clothing even in summer
  • Wetsuit and suitable waterproof shoes
  • Change for car parking and tea