Jimmy Lewis Model 3 twin tip kiteboard

Jimmy Lewis Model 3 Kiteboard Twintip



125cm x 38cm
129cm x 38.5cm
133cm x 39cm
139cm x 40cm
145cm x 43cm

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The Jimmy Lewis Model 3 twin tip kiteboards are a purebred lean, mean freeride machine!

The Model 3 is the best selling twin tip kiteboard in history so ask yourself why you’d consider anything else?

Clean lines, make this freeride kiteboard offer everything you’ll need in flat and choppy waters and small surf.     With moderate outline widths and tailblock, combined with round rails and a Domintrix bottom shape you get a board that rides silky smooth.

Board comes complete with deck, pads, straps, fins and handle.


As with all Jimmy Lewis boards you are investing in a board that will last for years with his unique sandwich construction.

jimmy lewis kitebaord sandwich construction