Infinity SUP UK

Infinity SUP UK is now available in the UK and Ireland as from 2017.

For those of you who are not yet versed in this brand from the US the first Infinity Surfboard was shaped in 1970 by Steve Boehne.   The board itself is a 7ft balsa single fin with the number 1 shown on the tail.   It’s never ever been used and hangs as a reminder of those early days on the wall.   Since those days, over 40,000 boards have been shaped and glassed for every conceivable riders needs and conditions.

Nowadays the brand is a family affair  with the master craftsman Steve Boehne and his two sons Dan and Dave.     Steve has spent his lifetime shaping  so it is only inevitable he has become the jedi master and is now passing down all that experience and knowledge to his sons and crew.

Steve discovered surfing back in 1959 with his first board being a balsa Velzy -Jacobs.      He would surf Torrance Beach and Palos Verdes Cove. Working from home he built a hundred boards in his garage until 1968 when he went to work shaping for Gordie Surfboards.




The range of Infinity SUP Boards


  • Blurr
  • B-Line
  • RNB
  • RNB Asymmetrical
  • Phoenix V3
  • Phoenix V2
  • Phoenix V4
  • TMRW
  • Team Label
  • Carver
  • Slater Trout
  • Wide Aquatic
  • SUP Log


  • Dart
  • Whiplash
  • Blackfish
  • DW
  • Tour
  • Prone


The Infinity SUP UK range covers a wide range of uses and conditions and rider abilities so you won’t be lost with nothing to choose from here.